On Sacred Ground Draws to a Close

After three years and 108 published stories, On Sacred Ground is ending as a series. Intermittent stories may appear in the future as On Sacred Ground features under the auspices of Tavern Talk, but not on a regular schedule.

The purpose of this series was to help enhance our connection to the sacred ground of Meherabad and Meherazad through stories of Avatar Meher Baba and His mandali, who lived and worked there for most of Baba’s Advent. The buildings, the paths and the objects used over many years all bear the imprint of His Presence.

Through careful research, long-time personal contact with the mandali and a wonderful selection of photos, the writers of the series tried to bring to life vignettes from the history and lore of Baba’s home and workplace. We hope that the series has been informative, entertaining and inspiring to our readers.

The complete On Sacred Ground series will remain posted on the Trust’s website for future reading. (On Sacred Ground). An extensive index of the stories is being prepared and will soon be posted there.

Thank you for joining us in the recounting of these tales of the Avatar’s Advent on the sacred ground of Meherazad and Meherabad. How fortunate we all are to know of Him.


       Meher Baba sitting on the threshold of the Tin Cabin on Meherabad Hill in 1937 or ’38.
       (Photo courtesy of the Trust Archives)