Meher Baba’s Tiffin Lecture 











Figure 1
The Journey of Infinite Intelligence from Unconsciousness to Superconsciousness

Figure 2
Mind’s Journey through the Universe


Figure 3
The Meaning of a Coconut

Figure 4
Man between Maya and Eternal Bliss








Figure 5
The Five Conscious States

Figure 6
The Layers of Manifestation Constituting the Ordinary Person

Figure 7
Subtle-World Experience in Rāj Yoga and the Ordinary Dream State

Figure 8
Had, Behad, Anhad, and Chitta


Figures 9-12
Energy and Matter in the Om Point

Figure 13
The Highest Point of the Circle

Figure 14
The Constituents of the Human Individuality in the Cases of the
Sadguru, Majzūb, Yogi, and Ordinary Man,

Figure 15 & 16
Body and Mind in the Sadguru and Ordinary Person

Figure 17
The Journey through the Planes

Figures 18
The False Human Self and Heaven within the Ocean of Truth

Figure 19
Rays as Particles of the Sun

Figure 20
The Sun as the Ocean of Paramātmā

Figure 21
The Five States

Figure 22
The Ocean, Its Drops, and Its Bubbles

Figure 23
The Cosmological Significance of the Human Body Parts

Figures 24
The Circle and the Candidate


Figure 25
The Sat-Cit-Ānand State and the Color of Longing
Figure 26
Paramātmā and the Three Spheres
Figure 27
The Sun and the Rays: Powers Yogic and Divine
Figure 28 & 29
The Sheaths of the Self and Shape of Sanskaras
Figure 30
The Circle, the Head, and the Circle Members
Figures 31
The Constituents of Human Existence
Figure 32
Sanskaras and the Wheel of the Mind
Figure 33
The Three Yogas and the Aspects of the Highest State