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7 Stars to Morning
by Francis Brabazon
The book, a substantial collection of Francis’ poetry, was published in Sydney in 1956. 7 Stars To Morning is divided into a number of sections, beginning with the longish poem entitled “7 Stars to Morning” The seven stars are the Southern Cross and the two ‘pointers’.A great antipodean prophetic utterance. Even non-Australians can be inspired by this! The swan of inner inspiration guides him to the revelatory mountain top cave. One striking thing about this poem is its early date of composition which Ross Keating says was 1942. Already Francis was transmuting his romantic vision of nature into an apprehension of the universal heroic search for inner truth, inspired by The Holy Mountain by Bhagwan Shri Hamsa, a book which still resides in the Francis Brabazon Library at Avatar’s Abode, Woombye, Queensland, a primary site for research on the poet.
82 Family Letters – To the Western Family of Lovers and Followers of Meher Baba
by Mani Irani
Mani would send these letters to us (Elizabeth Patterson, Norina Matchabelli and Kitty Davy) at Meher Spiritual Center, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Immediately photocopies were made and dispatched to all the Meher Baba group-heads in the various cities of the U.S.A. The group heads knew all the individuals who attended their group meetings or who in their area were otherwise drawn to Meher Baba. With remarkable speed, the group-heads and their helpers distributed the Family Letters. Thus the individual felt always in personal contact with Meher Baba.
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All These Things Take Time Mister – Stories of Padri
by Eric Nadel
Padri, one of the mandali who had been with Baba since the 1920s, was in charge of Meherabad when a small group of Westerners, including Eric (nicknamed “Erico”) Nadel, settled there.These sixteen stories by Erico contain observations of Padri from 1976 when Erico began to live in Meherabad until Padri passed away in 1982. They are part of a book that Erico intended to write about Padri, which was unfinished when Erico himself passed away in 2009.In addition, a second section, “Remembering Padri,” is a series of conversations between Ted & Janet Judson, Alan Wagner, Heather Nadel, and Bob Street, who were also at Meherabad in those same years. They recall what it was like for such “raw recruits” to live with Padri, a stalwart disciple of the God-Man.Read Book
As Only God Can Love
by Darwin C. Shaw
One of the earliest of Meher Baba’s American disciples, Darwin Shaw presents here a phenomenal memoir of a man who has lived in the world but has spent most of his life following and personally serving the being he instantly recognized as the Christ.Darwin was twenty-four when he first heard of Meher Baba and twenty-six when he met Baba in 1934.Read Book
by Jean Adriel
This colorful biography, written by one of Baba’s early disciples from the West, gives the reader a vivid acquaintance with Meher Baba the man. Besides telling the life story of Baba, the author relates her personal experiences with him, along with those of many other close followers.
Avataric Advents
by James H. McGrew
Meher Baba made numerous statements about God’s incarnations as Zoroaster, Krishna, Ram, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, himself, and even the future Avatar. Finally, someone has organized all these important and interesting statements into one book. 
Avatar of the Age Meher Baba Manifesting
by Bhau Kalchuri
In 1969, just one week prior to dropping his body, Meher Baba gave Bhau Kalchuri specific instructions to write his biography. He also instructed Bhau: “Write 100 pages about my manifestation. I will … tell you about my manifestation later. Do not worry, I will explain everything to you.” After finishing what became Lord Meher, Bhau began writing Meher Baba Manifesting in 1977. Baba fulfilled his promise to Bhau, as Bhau explains: “Some articles were inspired by people’s questions and some were revealed inwardly.” The book also includes points given directly to Bhau by Meher Baba titled, “The Seven Doors.”
Avatar Meher Baba Updated Bibliography 
Updated by Will Graham
A bibliography of works by and about Meher Baba in English and other European languages, covering the years 1928 through 2019.
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Baba Loved Us Too 
by Mehera J. Irani
These stories of Meher Baba’s pets come straight from Mehera’s porch at Meherazad, the site of the telling of many a tale about the Avatar. Running, flying, and tail-wagging through these stories are the likes of Sheeba and Mastan, Lucky and Jumpu, Mittu and Foundy, Peter and Begum, and many more, all beloved of the Avatar.
Because of Love 

by Rano GayleyThe intriguing and enigmatic Ten Circles Chart is the focal point of this memoir by one of Meher Baba’s early Western disciples.

Rano was “Baba’s artist,” and a prolific one. In addition to The Ten Circles Chart, she produced over the years many pencil sketches of Baba, most of which she generously gave to Baba followers who visited Meherazad. Rano was the only Western disciple to spend the rest of her life in Baba’s household at Meherazad.

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The Beloved is All in All
by Francis Brabazon
Published posthumously, The Beloved is All in All is a collection of 93 poems written by Baba’s mandali member Francis Brabazon. Each poem in the book was read out to Baba, and “[e]ach reading brought the blessing of [H]is embrace, and every embrace. contained the seed of the next pieces,” recalls Francis.
Civilisation or Chaos?
by I. H. Conybeare
A study of the “present” world crisis in the light of Eastern metaphysics; published in 1955.
The Dance of Love
by Margaret Craske
With humor, with love, and with incomparable wit, Miss Craske shares wonderful tales of her 60-year relationship with Meher Baba, and preserves for all time an aspect of Meher Baba that easily could have been lost – his divinely delicious sense of humor. Here is Meher Baba as he really was.
Darshan Hours
Conversations with Avatar Meher Baba at Guruprasad Bungalow, Poona
“The conversations in this book took place between Meher Baba and some of the lovers who visited Him during the summer of 1960 in Poona, India: As was His custom each year during the intensely hot months of April, May, and June, Baba was staying at Guruprasad, the large bungalow given to Him for His use by the Maharani of Baroda.”
The Day Becomes the Answer
by Charles Haynes
From the Introduction:
“Meher Baba Himself described Elizabeth as ‘My rock’— and indeed she was the most imperturbable, practical, and steadfast human being I have ever known. If ‘spirituality is poise” as Meher Baba has said, then Elizabeth was an exemplar of true spirituality. Baba’s Persian name for her was Dilruba, meaning ‘stealer of hearts” . . . Elizabeth’s nickname among Baba’s Eastern women disciples was ‘Yes, Baba dear’ because whatever Baba asked of her Elizabeth instantly responded, ‘Yes, Baba dear.’” — Charles Haynes
The Divine Humanity of Meher Baba – vol I
by Bill Le Page
Interviews with Meherwan Jessawala, Sam Kerawalla, and the Talati family transcribed. Meherwan, Sam and Perviz have all spent much time in reviewing and approving the finished writing.
The Divine Humanity of Meher Baba – vol II
by Bill Le Page
Interviews with Meherwan Jessawala transcribed. Meherwan remembers the years 1963-69 and relates early correspondence between Meher Baba and the Jessawala family. Also chapters relating the stories of Roshan Kerawala, Sam Kerawalla, and much more.
The Divine Humanity of Meher Baba – vol III
by Bill Le Page
Memories of Meherwan Jessawala, the story of Meher Mount, Gokaran and Urmilla Shrivastra’s lives with Meher Baba and much more.
The East West Gathering

by Francis Brabazon
A unique poetic portrait of the East West Gathering which took place at Guruprasad in November 1962.
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Fortunate to Love Him – Stories of My Life with Meher Baba

by Khorshed K. Irani
Fortunate to Love Him was compiled from video and audio recordings of Khorshed telling her life stories during the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Secondary sources included notes from interviews with Khorshed as well as her personal diary translated from Gujerati. Included are over 170 photographs illustrating this most precious life lived for her Beloved.
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Four and Twenty Blackbirds

by Francis Brabazon
Francis gives us a new take on old nursery rhymes. Of course, these rhymes are not necessarily meant for children, in fact, they puncture childish illusions. They can also lull the mind into dropping its defenses so that a new creative insight opens up to us.
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Fragments from a Spiritual Diary
by Princess Norina Matchabelli
“Princess Norina Matchabelli, who has offered to the Master these fragments of her spiritual diary, has always been divinely gifted with the capacity for deep prayer. It was because of her selfless dedication to the Divine Cause of the Master, that the Master selected her for the projection of the Spiritual Light through her.” -Adi K. Irani 
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Francis Brabazon – Poet of the Silent Word, a modern Hafiz
by Ross Keating

“Francis Brabazon (1907-1984) was one of Meher Baba’s resident mandali who lived with Him from 1959-1969. Besides being a mandali he was also Baba’s poet. After first meeting Baba in 1952 he experienced the beginning of what he called “a true creativity.” His greatest work, Stay with God, was commissioned and given the title by Baba in 1955. In this monumental work, Francis revitalises the ancient role of art for this Avataric Age and presents Baba as the ultimate “Living Perfection of Art.” Baba introduced Francis to the Persian/Indian ghazal and guided him in the creation of a new poetic form, the English ghazal. Baba enjoyed these ghazals so much He called Francis His “modern Hafiz.” The research for this book comes from the author’s recollections of his times spent with Francis, interviews with those who knew him, as well as from Francis’s archives.” – Ross Keating

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The Gift of God

“Avatar Meher Baba inwardly prompted Arnavaz Dadachanji to write about her life with Him some twenty years after He had dropped His body. Not intending simply to write an autobiography, Arnavaz set out to show, through the details of her life, the way in which Baba awakened her to both love and an understanding that did not come from reading, studying, or being taught. In her words, “knowledge flowered as love did, straight from the heart.”- Deborah Mann Smith and Nancy B. Wall

The Glass Pearl – the untold LSD story
An interview with Dr. Allan Cohen Counselling Psychologist at the University of California, on the futility of drugs.
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Glimpses of the God-Man, Meher Baba
by Bal Natu
6 volumes. A richly detailed series of biographical volumes spanning from 1943 through 1954. Includes many messages that Meher Baba gave during this period, as well as a wealth of stories and anecdotes.
Glimpses of Guruprasad
By Dr. Hoshang Bharucha
Dr. Hoshang Bharucha was an avid diarist and made copious notes often verbatim of all events that occurred around Baba. He realised that Baba’s treasures at Guruprasad were described by various authors in different Baba books and journals. He decided to bring together all the events and occurrences at the historic Guruprasad and compile them together. He painstakingly collected experiences of various Baba lovers who were more than willing to share their stories for this book.
by Mani S. Irani
God-Brother is Mani Irani’s account of her childhood with Meher Baba, when, even at that age, he was the pivot point of her life. Childhood stories they may be, but they carry with them the deeper meanings and understandings that come with Mani’s long, close association with the Avatar of the Age. And their innate charm is enhanced by Wodin’s free-spirited illustrations.
The God-Man
by Charles Purdom
Completed by one of Meher Baba’s early Western disciples in 1962, The God-Man, an expansion of Purdom’s earlier The Perfect Master, was the first authoritative biography of Meher Baba to be published. With access to diaries by close disciples and to living witnesses to the daily life of the Avatar, Purdom has written an account which celebrates with heart and head the advent of Avatar Meher Baba.
Hazrat Babajan
The Emporer of the Spiritual Realm of Her Time
by Dr. A. G. Munsiff
Hagiography of Hazrat Babajan, 1806?-1931, Poona-based Afghan female mystic of the Qalanrariyah order in Sufism.
In Dust I Sing
by Francis Brabazon
From the back cover – The eternal Beloved, Avatar Meher Baba, over the years I was with him at Meherazad gave me the shape and content of these poems. The form is based on the Persian ghazal, perfected by Hafiz 600 years ago and carried down in the Urdu language to the present day. The content is the relationship between the Lover and the Beloved – a relationship that is never wholly fulfilled until the Lover ceases to exist in himself and passes away in the Beloved. This relationship has its root in the very nature of God, which is love. As Baba has explained it: God is Love. And Love must love. And to love there must be a Beloved. But since God is Existence infinite and eternal there is no one for Him to love but Himself. And in order to love Himself He must imagine Himself as the Beloved whom He as the Lover imagines He loves.
The Infinite Glory
by Malcolm Schloss
The power of Malcolm Schloss’s love for God surges through the exquisitely simple words and lines and inundates the reader’s heart. Schloss’s revealed heartbeats in timeless rhythm and sometimes rhyme. Written by and for the true seeker.
In Quest of the Face of God
by Lyn Ott
In the writings that accompany seventeen portraits of Meher Baba, Lyn Ott has woven three themes that are intimately bound together throughout the book. These themes are his own personal story, thoughts on the spiritual significance of many of the great painters in history, and, most importantly, the impact of the advent of Meher Baba on the evolution of painting. Meher Baba is accepted by many people throughout the world to be the Avatar, the Christ of this Age.
In Quest of Truth
by Irene Conybeare
A personal narritive of the author’s quest for Truth chronicling a series of events which eventually led her to Meher Baba.\
It So Happened
Compiled and edited by William Le Page
Stories from days with Meher Baba as narrated by Meher Baba’s close ones, including Eruch Jessawala, Dr. Ghani Munsiff, Dr. William Donkin, Bhau Kalchuri and many more.
Journey with God
by Francis Brabazon
A booklet published in 1954 after Francis’ first trip to India. As with all his work it is written not primarily for devotees but to announce a spiritual reality to the wider world. The Introduction tells of true discipleship, the impulse behind the book.
Just to Love Him
by Adi K. Irani
“This book is a collection of talks and writings by Adi K. Irani, one of Meher Baba’s first mandali members, and His secretary from 1944 onward…[it is] is a result of the gift that Baba gave to Adi – his conviction that Meher Baba is the Avatar of the Age and his ability to communicate that conviction to others. The words in these pages are born out of that conviction and the life that Avatar Meher Baba molded in His love and service. Meher Baba has said that God’s Love is a gift from God to man. So this book, containing Adi’s expressions of the love he received from Meher Baba, is a gift of Divine Love from Avatar Meher Baba to our hearts.” – Jack Small
Letters from the mandali of Avatar Meher Baba – Vol. 1
compiled by Jim Mistry
Behind the well-documented areas of Meher Baba’s life and the great phases of His work is a vast treasure of correspondence between Him and His followers. Written by seven close disciples (mandali) and containing varying degrees of Baba’s active participation, the letters appearing in this collection date from the 1950s to theearly 1980s, the period during which correspondence between Meher Baba and His followers became increasingly important. A fair number of these letters were written during periods of Baba’s seclusion and show how He maintained outer communication with His lovers while nurturing them to depend upon that which lies within. Other letters–written by the mandali on their own after January 31, 1969–address spiritual issues along guidelines derived from direct experience of Baba’s own way of handling similar situations.
Letters from the mandali of Avatar Meher Baba – Vol. 2
compiled by Jim Mistry
A series of letters from Meher Baba to Dr. William Donkin in the 1930s and 1940s highlights this second collection, providing a matchless portrait of Meher Baba’s relationship with those committed to following him.
Let Us The People Sing
by Francis Brabazon
Francis says of the songs in Let Us The People Sing, “Through His Song of Creation God came to know Himself: By singing His praise men come to know who He is — Whole God Perfect Man. Let us the people sing.”
Lives of Love
by Judith Garbett
This book, originally published in 1998 shortly before Judith died, is a collection of the stories that Meher Baba’s women mandali shared with her about their lives with Baba, as well as the letters they wrote to her over the years.
Lord Meher
by Bhau Kalcuri
Lord Meher is a monumental biography of Meher Baba written under his specific instructions to Bhau Kalchuri just a week before Baba dropped his body. Lord Meher has been printed twice, once in America and once in India. The version of Lord Meher on this website (third edition with corrections is the latest version, updated as of 9 March 2023.
A Love So Amazing
by Billi Eaton
A candid discussion of the author’s “unplanned journey to God,” her relationship with Meher Baba through the 1950s and 1960s, and her tug-of-war between the “small loves” of a worldly life and Meher Baba’s gift of “a love so amazing.”
Compiled by Janet Judson with the assistance of Shelley Marrich

Compiled from talks and original tape recordings of Mehera J. Irani. Dust jacket notes: “Whenever God comes on earth as Man – as Ram, for example, or as Krishna, as Jesus, or in this time as Meher Baba – it is always the case that one person among His close ones plays a special role as His most important disciple. This is the role of the ‘Divine Counterpart’, the ‘Beloved’ of the Divine Beloved, whose love for Him is unique in its purity and its one-pointedness. This is the role of Sita, of Radha, of Mary – and this time, of Mehera. Mehera Baba has declared that this long heralded and much-expected Advent, The Kalki Avatar for Hindus, the Maitreiya Buddha for Buddhists, the Second Coming for Christians, is the last Divine Incarnation in this cycle of cycles. As such, Meher Baba has indicated that His Manifestation on earth will accordingly be the greatest in its scope and impact. Perhaps one of the first signs of the special significance of this Advent can be found in the most exquisite beauty of Mehera’s life with Baba and in the opportunity which He has given His lovers to partake of the inspiration of that life. For in her role as the divine companion to the God-Man, Mehera has become a divine reflection of Him, providing a glimpse of what true love can be through her example and her stories of her life with Him. This book, then, provides a glimpse of Mehera, and through her, of Love, Itself, personified in the form of Perfect Man, who in this age is known as Meher Baba.”
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Meher Baba, the Awakener
by Charles Haynes.
Drawing primarily on Meher Baba’s own explanations of the Avatar’s life and work, this book explores the dynamics of his universal awakening of love. Although much revised, a large part of the original manuscript for this book was written by Charles Haynes for his doctoral dissertation at Emory University.
Meher Baba – The Awakener
by C. D. Deshmukh
This Book, Meher Baba-The Awakener, by Dr. C. D. Deshmukh, contains in Part I and Part III the reprint of the original text of Dr. Deshmukh’s My Master and His Teaching and in Part II, a collection of articles from the Meher Baba Journal, 1938-39. The article on Meher Baba and the World Crisis is an abstract of lectures delivered in Central Provinces, Bombay Presidency, and the Mysore State.
Meher Baba in the Great Seclusion
by Ramjoo Abdulla and Dr. C.D. Deshmukh
An in-depth account of the “Great Seclusion” which Baba began at Meherazad on June 22nd and which ended on July 31st 1949.
Meher Baba and the God-determined Step
by Ramjoo Abdulla. 
Published by Adi K. Irani in 1951, this book describes the work Baba completed with masts and the poor prior to the God-determined step that He undertook on the 16th of October 1951. It also covers the explanation of the ego and the mind that Baba gave in His declaration of the God-determined Step, which began a period of Manonash or “complete mental annihilation” for Baba in the New Life.
Meher Baba and the Meherashram Institute
by Kaikhushru Jamshedi Dastur
This thirty-four-page publication written by K. J. Dastur in 1928 gives a brief biography of Meher Baba, an explanation of God-realisation, a treatise on education, and a discussion of the Meherashram Institute, a school established for boys of all creeds and from any country by Meher Baba in 1927.
Meher Baba’s Last Sahavas
by Dr. H.P. Bharucha 
An account by Baba’s physician Dr. Bharucha of the happenings at Meherazad and Meherabad just before and after Baba dropped His body. It describes the shock and sadness people felt upon hearing the announcement on All India Radio of Baba dropping His body and their rushing to Meherabad to have one “last sahavas” with their Beloved. Though many were overwhelmed with grief after Baba shed His physical form, Dr. Bharucha’s faith in his Master does not waver: “The beautiful and divine love which flows from Baba brings about the spiritual resurrection of all who are its recipients. It fills man with immortal sweetness and unbounded joy. Through His love all became resurrected…”
Memoirs of a Zetetic – My Life with Meher Baba
by Amiya Kumar Hazra
“From these memoirs one concludes that small men with small minds have large egos. The mind can be as destructive as a host of locusts when they descend on a garden. In their ignorance, the zetetics resist His knowledge; in their helplessness they defy His power; in their blindness they defy His light. If they could only be free of the inhibiting and corroding influence of their intellectual wisdom, their hearts would open up to the flow of His grace. The sun of His love always shines whether we bask in its rays or shun it. Meher Baba’s love will always remain beyond the domain of intellectual understanding as anything comprehensible can never touch the fringe of Reality. Kabir says, “That body which has life but no love, I take as a corpse. Like the smithy’s bellows, it breathes but does not live.” It is impossible to learn God, but one can earn Him by loving Him as He should be loved. With Baba’s love and grace, Amiya Kumar has a conviction that Baba is God, a conviction that is strong, unassailable, unchallengeable.” – Dr. H. P. Bharucha
Much Silence
by Tom and Dorothy Hopkinson
“[This book is] a short record, covering the whole period of Baba’s earthly life, written in language the man in the Western street can readily understand and without assuming knowledge he is not likely to possess. . . That is what this book is intended to provide. To do this we have depended heavily on what has already been written.”  -T. and D. Hopkinson
My Life Story with Avatar Meher Baba
by Keshav Narayan Nigam
“This book is a wonderful history told simply and honestly by a true lover of God. It will be of great interest to anyone connected with Meher Baba.” (from Eric Nadel’s introductory comments in the book.)
My Life with Meher Baba, the Avatar of the Age
by Meherwan B. Jessawalla
“In this Advent many have had the privilege to live with the God-Man and to serve Him as one of His intimate disciples, but few have lived within the closest orbit of His Love from literally before birth to death as Meherwan did. This book contains his story of that most remarkable life, a story that includes anecdotes familiar to lovers of Meher Baba and episodes and events never told before.” – from back cover
My Life with Meher Baba
by W. D. Kain
Was Deo Kain recounts his story of love and service to Meher Baba starting
in 1944 through 1969.
“My life is dedicated to One who came to Awaken and left to infuse lasting
Divine Knowledge in the bosom of ignorant mankind. The huge crowds
witnessed at the Meherabad Hill on his Birthdays and on the Amartithi
Day bear ample testimony to the fact the Silent Master’s message has
reached every corner of the earth: For here you see thousands of people
both from India and abroad, who had not had His physical darshan,
singing the glory of Meher Baba day in and day out. Just a glimpse
of His Manifestation.” – W.D. Kain
My Master and His Teaching
by C. D. Deshmukh, M.A. PH.D.
Dr. Chakradhar Dharmanidkar Deshmukh shares intimate and personal experiences of his “inner life” with Meher Baba.
The New Phase of Meher Baba’s Life
by Ramjoo Abdulla
This book gives the background of Meher Baba’s New Life, starting with the distribution of the circular “For My Disciples and Devotees-1949,” dated 1st January 1949, and ending with planning in September 1949 for “preliminary training” in Belgaum.
Norina’s Gift
MESSAGES FROM MEHER BABA Received through Princess Norina Matchabelli
by Norina Matchabelli
This volume contains two extraordinary collections of these messages, Fragments from a Spiritual Diary and Forty Messages from Meher Baba. Both books were compiled in 1948 while Norina resided in India with Meher Baba and were then published soon after her return to the United States in 1949. Now, during the year that marks the fortieth anniversary of Princess Matchabelli’s death, EliNor Publications is pleased to make these works available to a new generation of spiritual aspi-rants. We include in the present volume an introduction exploring Norina’s life and work. Much of the material in this opening section draws upon her previously unpublished papers and photographs.
The Nothing and the Everything
by Bhau Kalchuri
Meher Baba is the Source of the points contained in this book and it was He Who titled it The Nothing and the Everything. Like God Speaks, this book explains how God comes to know Himself through the medium of His own imagination or dream. The primary theme of this book is Infinite Intelligence – how real thinking gives God realization (Everything) and false thinking creates the universe (Nothing.)
One Fine Thread
by Kitty Davy
One Fine Thread is a collection of talks written by Kitty Davy between 1968 and 1990. They are dedicated to Avatar Meher Baba, her spiritual Master whom she loved and followed since their first meeting in London in 1931.
Our Constant Companion
compiled by Bal Natu
“All these stories reflect something of the warmth of Baba’s love, the unconditional nature of His compassion and, very often, the twinkle of His humor – but most of all they reveal His sympathetic companionship. In this unique companionship the God-Man’s divinity and His humanity are perfectly blended.” – Bal Natu
Over the Years
by Bill Le Page
“This book is another attempt to do some justice to the truth and beauty of that incomparable Being, Avatar Meher Baba who, like a Sun, descended from the heavens and dwelt for a short time on earth among us.
“As in the past, I do not regard myself as a writer. My practice is to take His Name, start writing whatever comes to mind, and hope that by His Grace something that will do Him justice is brought forth.” – Bill Le Page 
The Perfect Master
by C. B. Purdom
This biography, the first about Meher Baba to be published in the West, is the precursor to Purdom’s later work, The God-Man, and it includes much fascinating material not found in any other accounts of Baba’s life. The Perfect Master, which contains many rare photographs, focuses on the twenty-five years from 1911 to 1936, and it is permeated with a sense of freshness and wonder which comes from trying to write about the life of the God-Man in the very midst of His Advent on earth.
Poems to Avatar Meher Baba
A Collection
“Together these poems make an anthology, that is, a collection of anthers or flowers shaped into a garland and presented as an adornment for Meher Baba. This is the intention, I believe, of every poet and poem contained in this book.” -Ben Leet
Processional of Joy
by Malcolm Schloss
An inspired book of lyrics for the seeking soul, self-published in California in 1946.
Proletarians – Transitions
by Francis Brabazon
A collection of 28 poems or “songs” for everyone from Prime Minister to Street Sweeper. Francis asks the question of immigrants from the old age to the new, “Who amongst you will be the singers of this new Song, to which I am giving only the initial drum-beat?”
Ramjoo’s Diaries
by Ramjoo Abdulla
A Personal Account of Meher Baba’s Early Work edited by Ira G. Deitrick. 
Meher Baba directed Abdul Karim Abdulla, called Ramjoo, to keep a diary of the first years of his Avatarhood. The diary extends from Jan. 23, 1922 to Jan. 1925.
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The Samadhi – Star of Infinity
by Bal Natu
The Samadhi – Star of Infinity was published in 1997 by Sheriar Foundation. Bal Natu shares his personal reflections and convictions on Meher Baba’s Samadhi’s special role in the Avatar’s advent. Tracing the history of the Samadhi – the chronology of how Meher Baba established the resting place for His pyhysical form – Bal also reveals the evolution over many years of his deepening relationship to “the Divine Satellite” (as he calls Baba’s tomb). “
Seekers of Love
by Amiya Kumar Hazra and Keith Gunn
This book, long in the making, is the result of Amiya’s desire to save the Baba stories of elderly lovers he knew for posterity.
A valuable collection of stories with the unique perspective of Indian Baba lovers.
Showers of Grace
Compiled by Bal Natu
“This book, a miscellaneous collection of Meher-stories, recounts some of the ways in which the One who is being sought, lovingly, sometimes even mischievously, summons those seeking Him. Each story is different and yet all are fundamentally the same. They are all different because we are all different, yet they are all the same because Meher Baba is always the same – eternal perfection.” -Bal Natu
Singing Threshold
by Francis Brabazon
The plays presented here in book form range from the lightest fantasy in Happy Monday, through a portrait-study of a woman, the young widow of a farmer, in Singing Threshold; simple storytelling in The Bridge, to a search for an ultimate reality in The Quest.
A Singing to Meher Baba the Eternal Beloved
by Francis Brabazon
[The songbook, ]”A Singing” has been designed for use on one’s own or for group singing. I have not added harmonies because that would have increased the pages and added to the cost and would be of no use to one singing on his own, while in any group there is someone who can supply basic chords. Musicians should feel free to improvise as they wish or even re-set the words to their own music.
– Francis Brabazon
The Silence of Avatar Meher Baba
by M.B.G. Shastri
The author has touched upon a delicate but important subject of the breaking of Silence by Avatar Meher Baba. Avatar Meher Baba said that whatever he has declared about the breaking of His Silence and the events that will follow it, will take place exactly as He said, except the time factor. A glimpse of the events that are anticipated before and after the breaking of His Silence are briefly described below, in the light of the utterances of Avatar Meher Baba.
Although the physical link was snapped on 31st Jan. 1969, Avatar Meher Baba’s Work continues in Silence as before. The period from 31st Jan. ’69 onwards is a period of humiliation. The humiliation will end when He breaks His Silence. The breaking of His Silence, the uttering of the WORD of words, and His Public Manifestation are yet to take place. When on the one hand Science reaches its highest level and on the other hand anti-God elements rise to the peak, He will break His Silence and utter the WORD, releasing infinite wisdom and causing a Universal spiritual upheaval.
– V. Sita Ramayya
The Silent Revelations of Meher Baba
Compiled and Edited in Love by  Alexander Markey
“The formal set of “teachings” of Meher Baba are called the Discourses, and they number around 70, and in their present edition (Sheriar Press) they run to about 375 pages.

     In 1944, Alexander Markey, a Hollywood screenwriter and follower of Meher Baba, with Meher Baba’s permission, edited and published a version of the Discourses that numbered 27 and the total was approximately 65 pages in length. In their original 1944 publication, they were referred to as “excerpts” of the Discourses, but they are much more than that. What Markey had done was to reorganize, rearrange, and very frequently rewrite the material of the Discourses, so that in those “Silent Teachings” we find a condensed, very accessible, and accurate presentation of the original material from Meher Baba. Not that they are a substitute for reading the full version of the Discourses, but they are an excellent introduction to the material as well as the essential gist of what Meher Baba communicated in his silence of the last 44 years of his life on earth as the long-awaited Avatar.”
-Ken Lux
The Silent Word
by Francis Brabazon
The Silent Word: Being Some Chapters of the Life and Time of Avatar Meher Baba by Francis Brabazon is Baba’s life story up through the closing of the Prem Ashram in January of 1929. Several of its chapters are devoted to Baba’s mandali. Francis himself was a member of Baba’s resident mandali from 1959-69. Although The Silent Word is a work of prose, its pages flow with the lyricism found in Francis’s poems.
Sobs and Throbs
by Abdul Kareem Abdullah (Ramjoo)
This book tells a story full of super-normal phenomena which can not be explained on any hypothesis other than that of Divine Love.
Sparks of the Truth
From Dissertations of Meher Baba
by C.D. Deshmukh
Twenty powerful dissertations on the spiritual path, the nature of the soul and the meaning of life. Pointed and pithy, these messages in many ways shake up some frequently held misconceptions about the spiritual life.
While in good part based on diary records from the 1920s, it should be underscored that the essays in Sparks are emphatically not edits and rewrites of discourses that Baba gave at an earlier time. In each essay Deshmukh has identified his own theme and subject and has selected material from diverse and widely separated sources to fill out his exposition, writing up the selected content in his own prose.
Spread My Love
by Charmian Knowles

Charmian came to know the total love that is Meher Baba. By her own count, Charmian spent 100 days in Meher Baba’s company between 1948 and 1969. From those days she has woven here wonderful stories, covering Baba’s visits to the West in 1952, 1956 and 1958 and the 1962 East West Gathering in India. She acted as Baba’s chauffeur at times, was in Prague, Oklahoma, with her mother after the accident at Baba’s request.

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Stay With God
by Francis Brabazon
Stay With God (1959) is a lucid exposition of the Advent on earth, in our time, of the God-Man and of this living embodiment of Godhood as the Salvation of Mankind from its state of permanent anxiety and threatened annihilation. This God-Man is not seen as the Son of a Father, but as the very Self of each one of us and therefore, easily knowable to anyone directly, without an intermediary. In the creative process of perceiving the meaning of the God-Man, the author examines the values of Mankind, both Eastern and Western, past and present, as represented in Art and Literature. His language, arising directly from the urgency of his message and the clarity of his vision, avoids rigid crystallizations, by which modern poetry is immobilized and essence and vitality excluded.
Still Dancing with Love
by Margaret Craske
Published a few weeks after her death at 97 in 1990, this book offers more tales of early ashram life and vignettes of other people who heard of Meher Baba through Miss Craske. But most of all, there are stories of Meher Baba’s direct and indirect influence, of love and obedience, of charm and humor.
Surrendering to Him
by Rhoda Adi Dubash
In the ’90s Rhoda would hold Teas and invite eight or ten guests from amongst the pilgrims. I was an appreciative attendant at one of these teas and video taped her life story—or an overview of it—in about two hours. What a fascinating life she led, especially in relationship to Baba—with Baba pulling her in, and she pushing Him away, till finally she succumbed and accepted His embrace….this book is a great read!
Tales from the New Life with Meher Baba
edited by D. E. Stevens
A transcription of taped accounts of memories of the New Life given by Eruch, Mehera, Mani and Meheru shortly after Meher Baba dropped His body.
Tales of Meher Baba’s Love
by Bal Natu
“I have interwoven these tales alternating between East and West for
the interest of all readers. May reading them create a craving in you to
hear more tales of the most Loving One. . .
If this compilation reveals to any a glimpse of the Avatar’s divine
sport, full of love and humor. I shall be immensely grateful to Beloved
Avatar Meher Baba, the Ocean of Love.” – Bal Natu
Tears of Joy
Compiled by Anna Khandale
Snippets from the lives of three great souls – Gustadji Hansotia, Kaikhushru Jamshedji Pleader, and Krishna K. Nair – who came to Avatar Meher Baba through different spiritual streams.
These three came to Meher Baba with different loads of sanskaras and Baba worked on them accordingly. ’Tears of Joy’ provides the reader with a rare opportunity to delve into the intricacies of Avatar’s work.
That’s How It Was
Stories of Life with Meher Baba
edited by Steve Klein
Accounts of life with Meher Baba given by Eruch.
Three Incredible Weeks with Meher Baba
September 11 – September 30, 1954
by Malcolm Schloss & Charles Purdom
This unique diary, written at Baba’s request, is the combined work of Charles Purdom and of Malcolm Schloss. The diary and “Facets of the Diamond,” the reminiscences of other Westerners who attended, were printed in two issues of the Awakener magazine, 1954-5. We are very pleased to reprint this account, with some additional material, in cooperation with Sheriar Press. – Filis Frederick
Treasures from the Meher Baba Journals
Compiled and edited by Jane Barry Hanes
Written by a staff of Indian, American, English and Russian disciples then living with Meher Baba in India, the Journals were published from 1938 to 1942. Treasures culls the best accounts of Meher Baba’s ashram from that period. Passages appearing in bold italic (and there are many of them) are Meher Baba’s words.
The Turning of the Key
by Bill Le Page
Meher Baba in the land called “Down Under” is the focus of these enthralling memoirs by a man who has spent most of his adult life dedicated to the spread of Baba’s message in Australia and to the development of Avatar’s Abode, Baba’s home in that country. Complete with accounts of Baba’s two visits to Australia, Le Page’s own notes on the “Three Incredible Weeks,” and an extended 1967 visit to Baba in India.
Twenty Years with Meher Baba
by Abdul Ghani Munsif
Twenty Years with Meher Baba includes stories by early mandali member Abdul Ghani Munsif, about whom Baba stated, “The big head of his was truly a treasure-house in which wisdom and wit were blended to perfection. We were intimate friends since our earliest years, and no one knows better than I how courageous, and how loyal and loving, was his heart.”
The Unstruck Music of Meher Baba – God’s Voice
Compiled and published by Maud Kennedy
Unstruck Music is a hand-typed, paper-bound collection of passages by and about Avatar Meher Baba from 14 different sources. These items were compiled by Maude Kennedy, one of Meher Baba’s early followers.
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The Wayfarers
by William Donkin
This unique and remarkable volume documents one of the major phases in Meher Baba’s life: his work with the “masts” or God-intoxicated. Superbly written and closely detailed, this book stands alone in spiritual literature as the only full-scale treatment of this category of spiritually advanced personality.
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Ways to Attain the Supreme Reality
by Malcolm Schloss
“Malcolm Schloss is a poet plus, and this means multiple plus. I find in his poems the ecstasy of the mystic, the vision of the seer, the passion of the prophet, the sureness of the craftsman. He combines spiritual ardor with a definite thing to say, and he has the gift of finding the inevitable word with which to say it. When I read a book by Malcolm Schloss I can say truly, ‘Here are breathings of the Infinite!’ and my spirit is grateful.” – Angela Morgan
Welcome to My World
Compiled by Gokaran Shrivastava
Lovers of Avatar Meher Baba tell stories about their experiences of Meher Baba in their lives.
When He Takes Over
Compiled by Bal Natu
This is the season for sharing Avatar Meher Baba’s love with others. One way of doing this is through these stories which have been compiled and printed not to convince anyone that Meher Baba is the Avatar, or to impress anyone with His “miracles,” but simply to share His unconditional love, which is the greatest miracle of all. -Bal Natu
The Wind of the Word
by Francis Brabazon
This small book was published in 1976 in an edition with fine illustrations from Patricia Saunders. The Poem has been long out of print.
Written in natural speech rhythms but with some regular beats that will be there if you recite candidly
The Word at World’s End
by Francis Brabazon
One of the major collections of Francis’ poetry. Five long poems each an experiment in form. Forming a progression from the Godless world to the vision of the world cleansed and redeemed by the God-Man. Francis wanted these poems to be judged as literature, not as devotional pieces written to a select audience.
The Work of Meher Baba with Advanced Souls and Sadhus
by William Donkin
Published in 1948 by Adi K. Irani for Meher Publications. Donkin describes it as “a kind of epilogue” to his book The Wayfarers, which chronicles Baba’s extensive contact with masts or God-intoxicated souls. The present work thus begins approximately one week after The Wayfarers ends, on 15th March 1948, and covers up to 14th May 1948. One passage captures the sweet expression of love shown by a child to his Father: “[Vishnu Datt Digambar] is a very high type; and Baba said of him that he was three in one—a mast, a saint, and a child; and that and he was one of the best contacted in Uttar Kashi…He was very happy to contact Baba and made gestures of ‘flying kisses’ towards him.