21 March 2023

Dear Baba family,

Jai Meher Baba!

Meher Baba, the Avatar of this Age, dropped His physical form on 31 January
1969, having completed His Universal Work to live eternally in the hearts of

Beloved Baba left for humanity a precious legacy of His Everlasting Divine
Love, Life and Truth to guide us to lead our lives. His Trust, the Avatar Meher
Baba Trust, was founded by Him in 1959 and remained a precious part of that

The Trust Deed outlines Baba’s objectives for us, and they are many. They
include maintaining and developing the sanctified places of Meherabad,
Meherazad, and the Trust Office. It also includes depicting and unfolding the
life and words of Avatar Meher Baba through various mediums and providing
charitable services.

As followers of Baba, it is our collective responsibility and good fortune to
support and nurture His Trust. For some of us, it is an opportunity to
contribute through donations, while for others, it is a channel for selfless

As Baba’s sister Mani called them, donations to the Trust are “love gifts” from
the heart. The Trust entirely depends on these love gifts to operate. It is not
the amount given that matters but the offering made with a heart full of love
and care for Baba’s Trust. Baba would happily accept a poor lady’s offer of
five rupees, but He would also return the offering of a big envelope of money
by someone saying, “take it back as my prasad.” Fortunate are the ones from
whom He accepts.

Baba says, “My work only I know”, and “Baba alone does His work, but it
pleases Him to use this person or that person in His work.”

Fulfilling the objectives given by Baba in The Trust Deed is His work, and it is
a limitless opportunity for us to serve Him. What would life be without striving
to be close to Him, love Him, and serve Him?

Whether through selfless service, donations, or both, let us all come together,
His dear ones, in taking care of His Trust like we would for our own child.

In the Love and Service of Avatar Meher Baba,
Framroze Mistry

Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust.
Ahmednagar 414 001. India.


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