As an edited collection of Meher Baba’s talks to his men mandali between April 1926 and August 1927, Tiffin Lectures is based on a group of manuscripts which ultimately trace back to the diaries of Chanji (Framroze Dadachanji), Meher Baba’s secretary, who attended these talks and took notes. Chanji himself appears to have reedited and reworked this material, probably intending their eventual publication in book form. Chanji’s original handwritten notes got rewritten by him and, at a later stage in the process, typed in several drafts. “Thursday Tiffin Lectures” (TTL) appears to have been the version with which Chanji “signed off” on the project. According to the original plan, this manuscript was probably meant to be further revised by an editor prior to publication

While the editors of Tiffin Lectures took “Thursday Tiffin Lectures” in its carbon copy version (TTL/FF) as their primary source, all relevant sources have been carefully reviewed and drawn upon when appropriate. …As an edited text, Tiffin Lectures represents an attempt to reconstruct Baba’s original talks—translated when necessary into English—as fully and faithfully as possible.”

All the original source materials used in the compilation of the final edited text are reproduced in facsimile

The thirty-three full-color figures in Tiffin Lectures are artistic recreations based on (usually hand-drawn) diagrams in the source manuscripts. All of this material is reproduced in facsimile here.

End notes
The endnotes to Tiffin Lectures reproduced in their entirety here, provide a discussion of the main textual cruxes, with detailed references to the original source manuscripts. For pdf version click here. [pdf]

Master Table of Lecture-Source-Book Page Correlations [pdf]
All the sources for Baba’s lectures correlated page-by-page with the edited text of Tiffin Lectures.