On November 30,1958 (as noted down by one of the mandali at the time) Meher Baba asked his secretary, Adi K. Irani:

“Do you keep all the office records in steel trunks or cupboards? As a precaution against insects and fire, you must do this. The importance and significance of these records is such that you can hardly imagine it today.”

From time to time Baba gave such indications of the enduring value which would emanate from his personal belongings and from the vast written record which accumulated during his lifetime. The importance of caring for and sharing these tangible links with all who seek to learn about Meher Baba, was instilled in his close disciples, and it was his sister Mani who formed a small committee in 1993 to formally carry out this work. Today the Trust Archives continues the companion tasks of care-taking and sharing the precious items which Baba wore and used, as well as the archival source material of his advent.