In recent years the Avatar Meher Baba Trust has edited for publication several editions of discourses and messages and words whose authorship it has attributed to Meher Baba, even though Meher Baba did not himself publish this literary material during his own physical lifetime. Detailed information about the manuscript sources which the Trust has used in its editorial work can be found below.

Tiffin Lectures
This collection of talks has been compiled primarily on basis of a typed manuscript entitled Thursday Tiffin Lectures, although other diaries and typescripts of lectures have been drawn upon and incorporated in a supplemental way.

In God’s Hand
This is the only book of Meher Baba’s authorship that comes to us in an autograph manuscript in Meher Baba’s own handwriting. The thirty-nine handwritten pages of the source manuscript are reproduced in the book, first, in full-color facsimile, and next, in black-and-white reproduction with transcriptions (and translations when necessary) into readable Roman fonts.

Infinite Intelligence
This treatise, or pair of treatises, is the edited rendering of a 250-page, two-volume manuscript (in a handwriting that is not Meher Baba’s) entitled The Intelligence Notebooks. Though the identity of the scribe is not yet ascertained, the manuscript appears to be a fair copy, free of cross-outs and other obvious corrections. The editors judge the literary text in The Intelligence Notebooks to be a write-up by the mandali based on a prior direct recording of a dictation by Meher Baba.