The Trust Archives maintains a database where information about nearly 15 thousand Baba (and related photographs) is recorded. Most of these photos belong to other collections. There are more than 1000 images for which the Trust either directly holds the copyright or where the Trust Archives has the original (and possibly only copy of) the negative, print or digital file and the rights holder is not known.
These photos have been organized by collections and can be viewed here along with information known about them. These images may be used for personal on-screen viewing, but should not be reproduced for any other purpose.

More information about Baba photo collections and the Archival Photo Database may be read here.

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In the late 1960’s, Mantravedi Sriramamoorthy, a Baba lover photographer from Andhra, took several hundred shots of Baba and others during the 1965 Poona Sahavas and at other times. He donated the original negatives to the Trust in 2001 along with transferring the copyright. He also provided the image information.

The Jessawala family kept many photos in their family collection and these were donated to the Trust Archives in 2013. The images shared here are the ones that do not belong to any other collection.