Baba’s life and advent have generated many published books about his life and containing his message. Besides these, in recent years unpublished manuscripts have come to light in the Trust’s archives and in the papers and belongings of some of his close ones who have passed away. One of these is the intelligence Notebooks, two volumes which resulted in the published work, Infinite Intelligence. As additional works are prepared for publication, facsimile copies of their original manuscripts will be made available here. In time these web pages will be remounted in a more user-friendly interface, which will allow easy location of just the particular manuscript pages that you might be interested in along with transcriptions and helpful search tools. Currently, we are able to provide this basic archival presentation, just the documents as they were kept all these many years in the very same trunks and cupboards that Baba was referring to in the opening page of the Archive Section.

Intelligence Notebooks




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