After several days of practice the mandali were able to fold and label 5000 matchboxes a day,
folios #2v046-2v050, December 6-13, 1926.

At the morning meeting rules were drawn up for the stay at Santa Cruz and the daily menu was fixed. Gate keepers were posted to prevent visitors from entering for Baba’s darshan. New Baba lockets were distributed to the mandali.

Nana Mama arrived from Pune with an explanation from Kaka as to why he hesitated to carry out Baba’s instructions regarding two boys sent to his care. Apparently displeased, Baba told Nana Mama to write Kaka to send the boys to their homes. Nisal hesitated to say something about Kaka in Nana Mama’s presence and Baba ordered him to “pack off.” Nisal sat outside the house for some time, however, and Baba called him in and pardoned him.

A morning meeting was called to determine what to do about the idleness of the mandali, which Baba said would affect their health and create apathy for work in the future. Baba suggested work in teashops or workshops but the mandali decided, perhaps due to the proximity of the Andheri Match Factory, to fold and label matchboxes.

Arrangements were made and the following morning materials for the preparation of 1000 matchboxes were brought to the house and work began in earnest. Progress proved slow and Baba gave the mandali two days to master the skills and begin producing a fixed number of matchboxes a day. Baba also joined in the work and after two days he set the daily quota at 8000 boxes a day! The mandali pleaded for leniency while they improved their skills. Exhortating them to be diligent, Baba granted their request.

With a redistribution of tasks according to each man’s capacity, the mandali were able to produce 5000 matchboxes a day. Baba assigned Kaikhasroo with the help of two assistants to deliver the boxes and return with materials; they were required to go to and from the factory on foot.

Reports from Lonavla indicated the Arjoon was getting weaker; Baba named Bala to relieve Karim and Sabnis there. Arjoon’s brother Balu joined him.

A letter from Ramjoo detailing Baba dreams by himself, Dr. Ghani, Dr. Biwalkar and others in Lonavla was read to the mandali. Nadirshaw and Dadachanji also related dreams.

Baba consulted individually with each mandali member about moving to a new place; he offered them a choice between Shiraz, Kashi, Ajmere, Nasik and Talegaon. In the following joint discussion Talegaon was agreed upon. Some mandali had become restless and were thinking about leaving; Mohon and Nadirshaw left for Kolahpur and Poona respectively.

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