Baba stops at Dr. Biwalkar’s Health Home, much to the delight of the doctor who with his family is waiting in the compound to take Darshan of Baba as he passes by on the road,
folios #2v027-2v030, November 26-27, 1926.

The mandali awakened in Lonavla to a beautiful golden sunrise suffused with holiday feeling. There were no regular work assignments and no restrictions on food. They breakfasted on bread and butter with milk tea. A morning meeting clarified the new rules for their new circumstances; many existing restrictions were dropped.

Baba played cards with the mandali in the morning and marbles with them in the evening. He passed the afternoon with the ladies. Baba’s secretary Chanji spent the day typing Baba’s recent “explanations.” Baba indicated that though they were interesting they were much less so than the 300 pages he had written in Meherabad, and he conveyed that “All the three hundred pages are again merely short points which when fully developed will cover volumes and they are all full of secrets which have so far never been divulged by any Saint or Prophet.”

The mandali received permission to take walks in the surrounding hills and lakes. Several mandali arrived from Poona and one from Meherabad. The day terminated happily at 10 PM when the mandali retired. Baba continued until midnight in private conversation first with Ramjoo and Dr. Ghani, then with Bar-Soap.

All arose at 6:30 AM and enjoyed the same breakfast as the previous day. Baba received a letter from Baboo in Poona offering to bring Sadashive the singer; all the mandali were in favor and Baba invited him for the following Monday. Along with some mandali Baba drove to Khandala to visit Ramjoo’s and Dr. Ghani’s flour mill.

On the return trip he stopped at Dr. Biwalkar’s Health Home, much to the delight of the doctor who with his family had been waiting in the compound to take Darshan of Baba as he passed by on the road. After a tour of the premises taking about half an hour, Baba signed the guestbook and returned to the bungalow. Baba became “rather angry” that during that short period of time some mandali had gone out for a walk knowing that he would shortly arrive to spend time with them.

Bar-Soap was causing some difficulty to Baba by refusing to return to Poona as ordered and by interpreting Baba’s instructions in such ways as were pleasing to himself. Although fellow mandali became very upset with Bar-Soap, Baba remained calm.

Baba granted several interviews to visitors from the town; afterwards he specified that other visitors should be asked to return on December 3. The mandali played marbles with Baba in the evening and after supper he played a hand of cards. Around 9 PM Baba send Ramjoo to the bazar for roasted chic peas and puffed rice, which were consumed by the handsfull with chillies and salt. All retired at 10 PM.

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