Baba orders the mandali to keep their coats on for 24 hours,
folios #346-349, 24-25 September, 1926.

In the evening a piece of flesh was found lying near the Dharmashala; a meeting of the mandali was called to investigate. Some Mahars who were allowed to stay at Meherabad were suspected of complicity in the provocation. Baba outlined a choice of responses; the mandali chose to leave everything to God. Baba warned them that they must honor their decision no matter what happened, even if the Mahars were to throw flesh into the well.

When all agreed, Baba issued three orders: that all mandali including especially the Mahar mandali were to sever relations with the Arangaon Mahars, that the village patel (headman) was to buy a portion of meat daily and throw it to the Meherabad dogs, and that everyone at Meherabad was to pray daily to God “to give better wisdom to the village Mahars.” Afterwards Baba “spoke” on the activities of a Sadguru compared with those of a Yogi and on the “equality of all in the eyes of God.”

During a period of heavy rain, some mandali members were careless about Baba’s order to protect their chests during chilly weather. Baba gave the mandali an order to keep their coats on for 24 hours a day. When the guilty parties apologized, Baba withdrew the order.

A mentally disturbed boy named Madhoo came to Meherabad about 15 days ago. Baba played with him and patted him frequently and the boy’s mental state improved rapidly. Now he behaves like the other boys and seems to be normal.

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