A middle-aged Hindu gentleman arrives late in the evening to thank Baba for the health of his wife and the birth of a son,
folios #344-346, September 22-23, 1926.

It was learned that the angry Mahars of Arangaon village had slaughtered a bullock the previous day in order to test Baba by breaking his order to avoid slaughtering animals under any conditions. The following morning the leader of the hostile group, Shankar Deokar, while passing near Meher Hospital on horseback suddenly and inexplicably fell to the ground. Informed by the mandali, Baba came and found him “in a helpless and senseless condition.” He was cared for in the hospital and sent home.

In the evening around 9 PM a middle-aged Hindu gentleman, who had occasionally visited Meherabad, arrived in high spirits with an offering of sweets and flowers. His wife had just given birth to a son. They had been longing for many years to conceive a child, and meanwhile the wife had become seriously ill. When they eventually came in contact with Baba, he promised that she would both recover her health and deliver a son.

The anniversary of Kisan’s father’s death was celebrated by all, including the boys, who were served khir (a milk preparation) and chapatis by Baba instead of the usual milkless tea, in an atmosphere of enjoyment with the recitation of songs and verses.

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