Arjun being sick on Thursday, his duties at the school are assumed by Baba,
folios #312-315, August 7-13, 1926.

To make the plain diet of the mandali even more austere, Baba ordered that the dhal be prepared without spices.

When Eruch’s uncle (Naosherwan) had a flat tire on his bicycle, Baba and four of the mandali walked with him back to ‘Nagar.

That evening Baba ordered eight of the school authorities to fast as punishment for the disappearance of plates and glasses. But the order was withdrawn the next day.

For some reason Baba had a dog given to him by Madhavrao quickly returned to its original owner. It was later discovered that Madhavrao’s uncle wanted the dog back because his wife missed it so much.

The Zoroastrian New Year was celebrated that week with Baba receiving another ceremonial bath in the morning.

With all the meetings planning a feast for the day, ‘it all fizzled out in the end…and thus the mandali had to remain contented with the usual dhal and rice.’ But they did enjoy milk tea twice and another exciting cricket game with Baba.

That Thursday Baba assumed Arjun’s duties at the school because he was sick. At the tea party in the afternoon, instead of accepting a gift of things to eat from Kaka Shahane, Baba held a lottery amongst them, which Vishnu won.

A semi-holiday was observed again the next day for a Hindu holy day, with music in the afternoon.

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