Victims of a vicious assault are transported to the hospital at Meherabad for treatment,
folios #298-301, July 19-20, 1926.

In the morning the mandali held a meeting to consider an accusation against one of the Dharmashala residents who was accused of “trying to induce a young woman (also the resident of the Dharmashala) to go with him to Nagar.” After cross-examining witnesses Baba ordered the local police-patel to take the man to Nagar and hand him over to the authorities; he was handcuffed and led away. After a short distance Baba called them back and pardoned the frightened man.

Around 9 PM that evening word came that an assault had been committed about a mile from Meherabad. Baba immediately sent a party of mandali to assist at the scene of the crime. They found three victims, one of whom was dead while the others were in serious condition. Rustomji immediately reported the situation to the authorities and secured a vehicle from the railway station to transport the wounded to the hospital at Meherabad for treatment.

On the following morning they were moved to the hospital at Ahmednagar. A meeting of the mandali was called and Baba appointed watchmen to patrol Meherabad at night. During tea in the afternoon, Baba talked about dead bodies and “cleared away the horrible impressions that were so long flitting before the eyes of all.” He also praised Rustomji for maintaining his presence of mind while promptly rendering practical assistance.

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