An unusually high number of eye surgeries are performed in the northeast corner room of the hospital,
folios #253-258, May 12-18, 1926.

Baba had begun coming down the hill daily from his seclusion in the tank room. During discussions one day, Baba explained some of his personal experiences just before God-realization; violent vibrations to his mind, followed by the ‘Real Darkness’ which then gave way to the ‘infinite Ocean of dazzling Light.’

He then gave a superb explanation of real suffering.

During the bhajans one evening Baba remarked that somebody known to them had just died, but explained no further.

After his usual Sunday Puranic Lecture, Angal Pleader told of his recent trip to see Narayan Maharaj in Kedgaon, who remarked to him, “I and He are one. You serve me while serving Him. He is a Sat-Purush. He has been to me in the past.” Baba spent much of the afternoon and evening once again driving home his point to the teachers and mandali to be absolutely vigilant in their responsibilities to duties. The next morning, Baba expanded on the topic, and presented a very touching plea to the mandali, “not to leave me and go away till I speak.” In the afternoon he explained about the transitions from instinct to intellect to intuition. That evening, the Circle committee held a meeting up the hill with Baba.

Baba asked the mandali if they thought Gandhi’s press statement saying that he was looking for a real Guru he could surrender to was true. Baba then replied, “One who was really after a Guru would not rest contented with press statements. . .”

After Vishnu failed to see an order carried out completely, Baba had Kisan give him three hard whacks across his own (Baba’s) open hands. This caused Vishnu to become absolutely hysterical, and it took some time for Baba and everyone to persuade him to calm down and not leave.

There were an unusually high number of eye surgeries that day in the northeast corner room of the hospital (old British mess hall building), and many more boys were added to the school.

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