“Unless God-realization is achieved, the aim of acquiring a human body is frustrated,”
folios #238-241, March 25-28, 1926.

Some of the explanations about divine subjects referred to so often during the previous months were finally noted in the diary that Thursday after tea at Kaka Shahane’s.

Later that day, Baba reiterated some of the usual themes; “Unless God-realization is achieved, the aim of acquiring a human body is frustrated…the close contact of the Realized Being is essential…the world abounds with fakes and hypocrites who pose as divine guides.”

After fasting for some days, Baba began to eat again on the day the schoolboys began sleeping in the newly expanded school premises. The next day Baba served lunch to everyone with his own hands, and in the afternoon distributed shirts and pants to each of the schoolboys. That Sunday He initiated a regulated debating activity for the schoolboys, which proved to be very entertaining.

At tea that day, Baba commented on the following couplets (translated here from the Gujerati):
Everyone wants to be high,
No one wants to be low —
He who asks to be low,
Is indeed the high one!

All is me and (all is mine)
If it’s not me,
Then nothing is mine.

Every star shines
As all belongs to God!
Every breath says
‘When I exist then God exists.’

All want to enjoy
That which is sweet,
No one desires to have
That which is bitter.
He who enjoys the bitter
He alone enjoys the sweet.

Only the Seas know
What are the real waves.
He alone knows
Who knows how to drown in it.

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