When reports come that village untouchables are being encouraged to deal in dead animals again, Baba calls a meeting of Arangaon villagers,
folios #165-172, November 17-26, 1925.

On November 17th Baba assumed a new seat again; during the days he began sitting under the open shaded part of the Table House near the Dhuni. The next day, Baba set a new schedule for himself, being fully occupied till noon with his writing of the ‘Future Book’ inside the Table House. The mandali were once again warned to try their very best to stick to him throughout, even if he might be ‘laid up’ somewhere eventually.

After the usual Thursday tea, Sawlaram from ‘Nagar sang bhajans again. Later that evening Baba ordered Behramji and Rustom to begin eating only once a day.

One day Baba naturally expressed his all-knowing nature through incidents of correspondence with Sadashiv Patel, and bathing the schoolboys with Rustom. Ever vigilant in the affairs of Meherabad, Baba dismissed an irresponsible schoolteacher and took on D.A.Misal in his place.

When Sayedsaheb was bamboozled by a bogus singer he had brought to Meherabad who even had the nerve to ask Baba for the ‘harmonium box’, Baba granted his wish along with a good lesson; he received only the box.

During one evening conversation with Baba, some of the mandali were asked to tell about dreams they had of him.

When reports came to Baba that village untouchables were being encouraged to deal in dead animals again, he had one of the ringleaders brought before him. Baba ultimately threatened them with legal and spiritual punishment if they persisted in this bad habit. The next day a large number of the Arangaon villagers were summoned to a meeting at Meherabad and reprimanded for conspiring to go against his wish. Baba reiterated his promise to pay them for burying their dead animals with skins intact.

That Thursday also being the Hindu holy day of Ekadashi (the eleventh day after the full moon) brought a record number of visitors to Meherabad. Baba also celebrated Padri’s birthday by giving him half the day off and garlanding and kissing him. During that day filled with music, Baba presented the harmonium from the empty box to the blind bhajan singer Sawlaram.

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