He explains marriage and discourses on “Light and Darkness and Bhakti yog and Gnyan yog,”
Folios 122-124, August 13-20, 1925.

Though Baba was dedicating more time for writing his Book in the Jhopdi, he never neglected his daily routine of inspections and vigilance over the residents of Meherabad. He also continued his share of the grinding work. Being particularly active during these days, Baba participated in cricket games, and one day they all enjoyed a game of soccer in the mud.

One evening Baba gave his practical explanation about marriage. During the usual Thursday afternoon tea at Kaka Shahane’s, “Shri gave lengthy explanations with signs and through writing on Light and Darkness and Bhakti Yog and Gnyan Yog for nearly 3 1/2 hours.”

Baba convened a ‘regular court of law’ to deal with allegations against Vishnu of ‘making overtures to a female resident of the colony’. The jury found him guilty only of ‘delivering a letter about the school duties directly in the hands of that female.’ But since even this act was considered a ‘contravention’ to the Meherabad discipline, the ‘Judge’ sentenced Vishnu to one month of not being allowed to pay respects to Him! However, at the unanimous urging of the jury, he was pardoned.

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