Baba tells the mandali that it would be better to die than to lie for ones own selfish advantage,
17th-22th July 1925,
folios 103-107.

After the first week the mandali had almost forgotten that Baba was keeping silence, since He was still so naturally expressive and eloquent. He continued to oversee every activity at Meherabad with His ‘super-human energy’.

After most at Meherabad suffered stomach troubles, the daily menu was again adjusted; dal and unleavened bread for lunch, dal and rice for dinner.

While settling an Arangaon property dispute one evening, Baba found out that some of the mandali people were connected to underhanded dealings concerning the issue. After the serious reprimand, Baba told them that it would be better to die than to lie for ones own selfish advantage.

Since a few of the mandali were inattentive to the evening discourses on divine themes, Baba asked the group if He should stop. But after the majority pleaded with Him to continue, He consented.

After Arjun reported the generally bad behavior of the untouchable boys, Baba decided to close that section of the school. This shocked the boys so much that they offered to forgo sports and recreation, and study eight hours daily if Baba would keep the school open. After a stern warning, Baba ordered them to carry on as usual.

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