Baba suffered acutely from a deep wound in his mouth and he often retired into his zhopdi, sometimes for longer periods of time,
folios #2v311-2v315, 6-10 June, 1927.

During the afternoon of the very “hot and choking” day, Baba instructed Vishnoo and Waman Tailor to call out to the clouds to rain. By 4 PM it was showering heavily. It ceased a couple of hours later just in time for Baba and some mandali to participate in a marriage ceremony in the village.

Later Baba sat for tea in the Ashram with those mandali. The discussion recalled how Kalidas surrendered himself and everything he possessed to Maharaj, who put his hand on the man’s head in blessing. Afterwards Kalidas appeared to become “crazy.” All were reminded of the old Parsi gentleman who became very attached to Baba at the Navjote Ceremony in Mr. Satha’s house. He began to rise early every morning and come on foot to visit Baba. About five days ago he surrendered himself and all his possessions to Baba, who placed his hand on the man’s head. Since then he behaves with indifference to the world, careless of dress and hostile toward those who would comfort him.

Baba conveyed: “To express one’s feeling in such a violent way is not good. The feelings and the overflow of emotions must be controlled, checked and gradually turned into submission as this alone would enable one to be set up on the path…. Tr1e, those who get such outbursts of feeling have a loving nature and a bent of mind towards Truth but as already said the same should be checked. If not in the course of time it proves but an empty show, just as has been the case with Waman Sabnis and Kishen. Both of them had an outburst of feelings which they were unable to check exhibiting a great show of love and asceticism and therefore [they] soon became their old selves again getting once again involved in household affairs.”

Baba suffered acutely from a deep wound in his mouth and he often retired into his zhopdi, sometimes for longer periods of time.

An Ashram boy named Nisal behaved “mischievously” and disobeyed his teacher. Baba ordered him slapped “by each of his companions” in the presence of all the boys as punishment.

On the way back from a marriage ceremony in the village Baba stopped at the Ashram to play atya-patya with the mandali. Afterwards Baba “abruptly” gestured “a few hints … regarding His future world-wide workings and plans.”

Thursday visitors came as usual and a bhajan program was sung by Bhausahib in the office. Anna mentioned a yogi in Ahmednagar who let huge cobras freely crawl on his body; Baba conveyed a lecture on “Powers — Good and Bad.” While settling a dispute between Masaji and Gustadji, Baba “discoursed on His own ‘Method of Workings’.” While talking with Mr. Satha and his family, Baba addressed the theme “Duties of Husbands and Wives.”

In the morning Baba and some mandali went to Ahmednagar to attend a “Munj” ceremony at Mr. Satha’s house. Although they were well received by the host, the arrangements at the house proved unsatisfactory. The party soon left and went to Raya’s house where they enjoyed a fine tea and were treated to “assorted dainty eatables.”

Upon return to Meherabad Baba toured the school and then went to the Ladies Quarters for two hours. Meanwhile Sadashiv Patil’s mother-in-law, Vishnoo’s mother and some other ladies from Kasba Peth, Poona, were waiting to take Baba’s darshan. Although they had arrived early in the morning they showed no impatience or irritation at the delay in seeing Baba; they greeted him cheerfully, which pleased him.

Mr. Godbole, retired Assistant Commissioner, Central Division, visited Baba for the purpose of securing his blessings that he “pass the rest of his life in peace and divine meditation.” Baba blessed him repeatedly.

The small bullock cart which Baba used in Meherabad the previous year, known then as the “Punjab Mail,” was returned to Meherabad for Gustadji’s “garden-scheme” and renamed the “Meherabad Special.” Baba enjoyed a “joy-ride” to the Ashram in it.

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