The untouchable boys perfect their bhajan singing, Baba explains why it’s better to leave spiritually advanced persons alone,
12th-18th June 1925,
folios 76-81.

After returning from Bombay, Baba inspected the ashram, paying particular attention to the hospital. One day the teacher, Kisan, was missing, causing great concern to the whole ashram, but Baba went on distributing the sweets He had brought. A local Parsi family named Satha (Eruch’s mother’s siblings) came for Baba’s darshan. Two wandering pilgrim brothers were given food and railway tickets home by Baba.

Under Arjun’s direction, the untouchable boys’ bhajan singing had become so good that one evening most everyone listening could not resist dancing to the tune. Baba provided the poorer boys with new clothes again, while distributing belts and caps to all the schoolboys. He reminded them to stick to him, since he would begin observing silence soon.

During tea at Kaka Shahane’s house, Baba commented on the dangers of inviting fakirs. He explained that a spiritually advanced person is difficult to satisfy, but should never be refused. Therefore, it is better to leave them alone.

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