The Dastoorji is very eager to convey to the Parsi community the teachings he receives from Baba,
folios #2v264-2v267, May 14-16, 1927.

When the Parsi High-Priest arrived from Navsari he was taken directly to Baba for tea and a private interview. Afterwards with some mandali present, Baba discoursed on The Four States of God, The Four Kinds of Yakins (Faiths), God, Sanskaras, Maya and Realization. The Dastoorji said that he would like to address the Parsi community on the themes that Baba had explicated. Baba replied that if the Dastoorji would follow Baba’s instructions “to the letter and spirit” he would be able to address the community “with authority” from experience rather than intellect. As the Dastoorji indicated willingness to “obey Baba’s orders and instructions,” Baba conveyed that he should no longer worry about anything other than following the instructions properly.

The Dastoorji was given quarters at Masaji’s place in the Post Office building. While Baba was at the Ashram, the Dastoorji mixed with the mandali talking freely with them; he also devotedly participated in the evening arti. Rather than hearing Sexton Blake stories, the evening passed in general discussions.

In the morning Pilamai and Korshed-Banoo arrived from Karachi bringing their boys to join the Ashram.

Baba discoursed again with the Dastoorji on spiritual matters with Rustomji and Chanji present and taking notes. Later Baba’s mother Shireenbanoo told the Dastoorji stories of Baba’s childhood. In the afternoon Baba gave him a packet of dhuni ash as medicine for a wound on his leg. Chanji accompanied him to the station in time for the Bombay train. As the train passed through Meherabad, the Dastoorji was seen to salute Baba respectfully and wave cheerfully at the mandali. Upon return from the station, Chanji reported that the Dastoorji was very eager to convey to the Parsi community the teachings he had received from Baba.

In the morning preparations began for celebrating Upasni Maharaj’s birthday two days hence. The school was closed for two days and a meeting was scheduled for the following morning to discuss curriculum changes and scheduling.

After dinner when Baba called on Dhakay to recite a Sexton Blake story as agreed previously, Dhakay had forgotten to prepare one just as he had earlier forgotten Baba’s order to meditate. Baba forbid the mandali to read any books or papers other than those necessary to meet their school responsibilites. Rustomji volunteered and narrated a story. Baba was pleased with the story and marked his appreciation by rescinding his earlier order forbidding the mandali to read.

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