The mandali threaten to call the police and prosecute the driver for trespass while he is frantically gesturing toward his steamroller and repeating a phrase which the mandali do not understand,
folios #2v260-2v263, May 12-13, 1927.

A steamroller parked for the night near the well and in the morning the driver began without permisson to fill it with water. A mandali member intervened to prevent the removal of such a large quantity of water from the well that was specially reserved only for drinking; he was rudely rebuffed by the driver. When Rustomji was also unable to persuade him to stop, the driver “suddenly found himself being bundled into the Makan very unceremoniously.”

While the mandali were threatening to call the police and prosecute him for trespass, he was frantically gesturing toward the steamroller and repeating a phrase which the mandali did not understand. The more he tried to escape the more he was blocked until the “signs of horror” became only too visible on his features. Released, he raced to attend to his machine and it then became apparent to the mandali that he had been saying, “Sir, the boiler will burst!”

The usual Thursday visitors came in the morning and Bhausahib performed his musical bhajan at the school in the afternoon.

The Ahmednagar Police Sub-Inspector came for further investigations into the recent brutal beating of the young woman in Arangaon. He made a point of giving importance to Rustomji’s reports in front of the villagers; the accused’s relatives “fell on Rustomji’s feet” pleading for help. It had however already been decided to let the law take its course and “provide a good lesson of restraint” to the villagers. Enquiries were carried out and in the evening Rustomji went with the Sub-Inspector to the city.

A swami staying in a room near the well was “playing some mischief and disturbing other members in their duties.” Baba threatened to send him away but relented and gave him some new clothes and advised him to avoid being a nuisance to others.

A telegram was received announcing the arrival of the Head Priest of the Parsis to see Baba on Saturday morning.

At 7 PM Baba and a “good many” mandali attended a wedding in Arangaon where he gave darshan to hundreds of guests. Upon return at 9:30 he asked Ramjoo to relate a Sexton Blake story.

In the early morning the mandali under Baba’s supervision arranged wooden screens to divide the two big halls in the school into separate classrooms.

In the evening Baba and some mandali again attended a wedding in Arangaon and participated in the procession to the bride’s house. After the ceremonies Baba allowed the guests to pay their respects. Later, back at Meherabad, a Sexton Blake story was narrated.

Adi arrived in the evening and was instructed to meet the High Priest in the morning and bring him to Meherabad by car.

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