Baba receives a letter from Naval who left Meherabad against Baba’s “will and advice” due to an attitude toward money,
folios #2v204-2v207, April 9, 1927.

Discussions and preparations for opening Meher Ashram continued.

In order to free the Mess Quarters for classes Baba ordered the construction of a ‘Makan’ for the mandali at a previously chosen location near the well. He also instructed Buva Saheb and Chanji to repair and remodel the cottage near the village.

An elderly Mohammedan offered his son as a resident student; Baba enrolled him and put him in Rao Saheb’s charge.

After investigating a ‘serious report’ against Shankar, Baba sent him away. Shankar’s tears, begging pardon and desire for another chance did not change Baba’s mind. Even so, Baba allowed him to stay, saying, “Stay at your own will but against mine as I don’t want you to be here.” He was forbidden to speak or have contact with any boys in the school.

While a mandap [temporary festival hall] was being erected near Baba’s zhopdi for the purpose of celebrating Ram’s Birthday on the following day, a worker broke a tile on the zhopdi roof. Baba became “very angry,” cancelled the celebration and ordered the immediate dismantling of the mandap. Rustomji’s son’s birthday celebration, also scheduled for the following day, was called off.

In the evening Baba and mandali engaged in ‘general discussions’ near the dhuni. At Baba’s request Ramjoo narrated a detective story to group. Chanji was mulling over a request for ten days leave prior to the opening of Meher Ashram; before he articulated the request, Baba gave him leave for exactly those 10 days.

Baba received a letter from Naval who had left Meherabad against Baba’s “will and advice” due to an attitude toward money. He did not want to take money from Baba; rather he would work and supply Baba with money. In the letter he wrote that “in spite of his best attempts he had failed to get a job and had run short of funds badly.” Accordingly, he now asked Baba for money.

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