People of all classes including those of the depressed and backward castes express devotion and enthusiasm for Baba in Ahmednagar,
folios #2v160-2v163, March 20, 1927.

Baba and six mandali in the Chevrolet followed by a truck carrying 12 additional mandali departed Meherabad at 10 AM for a round of visits in Ahmednagar.

Mr. Raya provided an elaborate dinner to celebrate a marriage in his household. While all were enjoying the excellent dishes, Baba received news that Mr. Sorabji Desai from Navsari, a very popular Gujerati writer, would arrive on the noon train. Rustomji brought him directly to Raya’s to pay his respects to Baba and join the party.

Upon completion of arti and puja in his honor, Baba and party moved on to Bhaooshab’s house. After visiting “many other places enroute” they stopped at Dhakay’s house for tea and then went along to Gadekar’s house. Baba received a warm welcome at each place with arti and worship not only from the householders but also from outsiders who pressed in to take his darshan. The atmosphere everywhere was full of devotion and enthusiasm.

Mr. Desai, who rode along with Baba in the Chevrolet, was deeply impressed by the scenes of devotion and the enthusiasm shown by people of all classes including those who belonged to the depressed and backward castes.

At 4 PM Baba ordered the mandali to return to Meherabad while he and a few mandali paid a short visit to Rustomji’s house. They too then returned to Meherabad.

While the mandali who had not accompanied Baba to the city were enjoying meals that had been delivered from Raya’s house, Mr. Desai was shown around the “colony.” Despite his old age, the travel, poor sleep, irregular meals and the exertions of the day’s program, he felt surprisingly well and active. “He held all this as nothing short of a Miracle from Baba!”

Mr. Desai was asked to accompany Rustomji home for the night and to return in the morning. After a while Baba changed his mind and thought it better for Mr. Desai to sleep in the calm atmosphere of Meherabad. Accordingly Adi drove Mr. Desai back to Meherabad around 9 PM where he was assigned a place in Masaji’s quarters with Chanji detailed to take care of his needs.

Satisfied with the day’s special dinner, the mandali retired without further eating.

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