Baba enthralls the mandali with ever-interesting explanations even though he speaks on subjects which he often elucidates for them,
folios #2v150-2v153, March 10-12, 1927.

Baba remained seated near the dhuni all day except for occasional visits to his zhopdi and one brief trip up the Hill to the tank building. He ground grain and received the Thursday visitors. At night Baba addressed the mandali on the subject of repeating God’s names mentally.

“Concentrate your minds over the repetitions alone, and breathe regularly while doing so. Inhale and exhale the breath slowly and repeat the name of the Almighty as instructed to you individually, simultaneously with the breathing. Let other thoughts come — they will come, but always try to drive them away, and keep the mind cool and steady during these repetitions. Once you begin to have a liking or taste for it … you will never leave it and on the contrary you will find a secret pleasure in the duty.”

While again sitting all day near the dhuni Baba ground grain and became “annoyed” by the poor handle for the mill. He threw it away and criticized his orderlies; they provided a suitable handle and the “atmosphere became normal.” Baba disapproved the drafts of Meher Ashram publicity prepared by Chanji on that grounds that they did not give sufficient emphasis to the importance of Spiritual Training as the sole aim of the institution. The drafts were extensively rewritten and then approved by Baba and the mandali.

A retired police sub-inspector visited in the evening and narrated his story of misery, including experiences of rejection by Sri Shankaracharya and Mahatma Gandhi. Baba listened sympathetically to his tale and sent him away much comforted with a promise that he would be helped by Messrs. Borkar and Satha.

Again Baba kept his seat by the dhuni all day. From noon until 4 pm he explained Yoga Samadhi, God-Realization and the various planes and states to Mr. Borkar. The mandali were enthralled by Baba’s ever-interesting explanations even though he spoke on subjects which he had often elucidated for them.

In the evening two “medical practitioners” visited Baba and offered their services gratis should a free dispensary be established at Meherabad. Baba advised them meanwhile to give free service to the boys at the Rashtrya School. “They looked hesitating over the last suggestion.”

General discussions with the mandali continued unusually long into the night. At 10:30 PM a car stopped near the dhuni and three women came out to take Baba’s darshan while their men companions remained in the vehicle. When they departed Baba retired for the night.

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