Baba comments on the reappearance of Jesus,
20th-23rd May 1925,
folios 65-68

Beheramji’s delay prompted a lecture from Baba about obedience. While Baba did His usual bathing of the untouchable boys, He had four of the mandali wash their filthy clothes.

As Ajoba continued his appointed daily readings from the Bible, Baba commented, “The time of the reappearance of Jesus is very near.”

All the school boys, teachers, most of the mandali, and Baba dressed incognito in western clothes and went for a picnic to the Visapur reservoir. Observing the convict laborers, Baba used the opportunity to impress a theme upon them which He would reiterate throughout His life: surrender to the perfect master.

Sending most of the party back to Meherabad, Baba and a few of the mandali went on to Talegaon to visit the Ghani and Ramjoo families. Spending the night on the railway platform, Baba and party showed up early, and so made do with an early breakfast of unleavened bread made of flour from the new Meher Mills, started by Ghani and Ramjoo.

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