Baba proposes that a dual-purpose building be constructed to serve as school during the day and hostel at night,
folios #2v101-2v105, February 2-3, 1927.

The plan for the school was again discussed by the mandali and five “chief workers” were selected; Rustomji, Behramji, Dadachanji, Kaikhasroo and Vishnu “willingly volunteered to shoulder the responsibility.”

While serving the evening meal Baba noticed that the vegetable dish was mixed with leftover dal from the morning meal. Serving dal twice a day having been forbidden, Baba “severely” reprimanded those responsible and the atmosphere remained tainted for the remainder of the evening.

Due to reports of thieves in the area, a night watchman was called for and Padri volunteered and was appointed to the job.

Gopal Swami having arrived, Baba spoke at length on “Hypocrisy and False Pretentions,” stating very clearly that he was displeased by anyone who posed as a special disciple and “made” people bow down. It was “a very great sin, a spiritual crime of the worst kind” to misguide people into thinking one was a mahatma, guru or saint. Those who thus misrepresented themselves never reached Truth because they incurred the “disgrace and displeasure” of their guru.

Baba scolded Gopal Swami for giving medical treatments. Gopal Swami requested permission to give free treatment to patients within his area of knowledge. Baba forgave him and inquired whether he would like to stay or depart; he said he wanted to stay.

On Thursday as usual there were many visitors. In private discussions with selected mandali, Baba modified the school plan, proposing that a single dual-purpose building be constructed to serve as school during the day and hostel at night. The present mess-quarters would also serve as a hostel and the mandali would stay in the tank premises on the hill or in the post office. The dispensary would be established in the cottage near the village. Such arrangements for 200 boys would cost little and be quickly functional. Baba asked Naval to prepare a plan for a new building that would require less than 9000 rupees.

When the new proposal was presented to the full mandali, they discussed and approved it in a very unenthusiastic mood. Baba cut the meeting short and said he was very disappointed by their “coldness and apathy.” Shortly thereafter Baba locked himself in his zhopdi with instructions that no one was to approach. Meanwhile the mandali went to bed “in a fit of the blues.”

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