Baba seems disappointed with all the mandali when heated debate arises in a meeting devoted to arrangements for his birthday celebration,
folios #2v080-2v083, January 16-19, 1927.

Mr. H. R. Mobedji, the Parsi visitor from Bombay, was given 20 rupees for expenses and sent to Sakori to live with the Perfect Master Upasni Maharaj with instructions to stay “as long as he liked” and to “remain free-minded.” Mr. Sathe and the school boys in Ahmednagar came to visit; without explanation Baba remarked that he will have to dig a pit “three to four feet deep” on the following day.

In the afternoon Baba’s umbrella could not be found. Meetings were called without result and Baba “assumed a great displeasure and anger.” He said he would avoid food and drink until it was found; he asked the mandali also to avoid food, drink and sleep. The colony was thoroughly searched without finding it. At 4 PM Baba called all together and pardoned them for the the loss of the umbrella and withdrew the dietary restructions.

Immediately afterward a dispute arose between Behramji and Peshotan over the accidental loss of the leather water dipper in the well. Baba mediated the case as a “misunderstanding” to the satisfaction of both men. Peshotan’s duties were changed; he became one of Baba orderlies.

In the morning Vazir, the “helpless blind old Mohammedan” who had been taking shelter at the colony for some time, died and it became clear why Baba had mentioned casually yesterday that he would dig a pit today. Baba supervised the burial and participated in carrying the litter. The corpse was wrapped in Baba’s personal sheet; Karim recited prayers in Arabic over the grave.

At a meeting later in the day Baba conveyed to the mandali that if they stay away “both physically and mentally” from women and wealth he will forgive their other “mistakes and defects.” He told the mandali that avoiding to think about women and wealth creates a love in him for them.

Heated debate arose among the mandali in the meeting devoted to arrangements for the celebration of Baba’s birthday. Baba “seemed to be disappointed with them all.” Behramji lost his temper and appeared to be the verge of leaving. He met in private conference with Baba in his zhopdi for more than two hours before retiring for the night.

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