25th January 2022

Jai Meher Baba dear Beloved Baba’s World Family,

The most sacred occasion of Avatar Meher Baba’s 53rd Amartithi (Eternal Day) will be observed through a virtual/online program from Meherabad on 30th and 31st January and 1st February.  As you know, there will be no live gathering on Meherabad Hill again this year; but the webcast camera will offer darshan at His Samadhi to all around the world during the Silence at noon on 31st Jan.

 Amartithi Virtual Program Schedule – India Standard Time (IST)

Sunday 30th January 10 AM until midnight-early AM.

Monday 31st January 7 AM until SILENCE at 12 noon, til midnight.

Tuesday 1st February 7 AM until about 1 pm. 

In a short time, a program schedule/timetable will be posted online, and a specific link to the program will be circulated.  In the meantime, please know that the Amartithi 2022 program will be available through the Avatar Meher Baba Trust website, avatarmeherbabatrust.organd through the Avatar Meher Baba Meherabad Streams YouTube Channel. 

We are so grateful to Beloved Baba’s loving, talented, and creative lovers, young and old, in family or Baba Centre groups or solo, from India, USA, Canada, Argentina, UK, Scotland, Sweden, France, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Iran, China, New Zealand and Australia, who have sent us almost 450 heart-warming offerings of songs, bhajans, ghazal, qawwali, dance, poetry, prayers and creative video in praise and worship of Avatar Meher Baba, celebrating the release on 31st January 1969 from His beautiful, compassionate, all-suffering finite form into the unlimited God-state of unbounded Love. 

Please join us in the Beloved’s Tavern from wherever you are, 30th Jan-1st Feb.!

In His Love and Service,

Mehernath Kalchuri,

Coordinator, 53rd Amartithi Virtual Program