The written word played an important part in Meher Baba’s advent and daily life. When Baba wanted to hear the newspaper read out, he would gesture, “Let’s have the bogus news.” When He wanted to hear letters from His lovers, He would sometimes gesture, “Let’s have the real news!”

Diary Cover Letter Written By Baba Letter from Baba

In response to “the real news”, which flowed in daily, Baba’s letters and messages to his followers, although personal and often quite specific to the individuals, nevertheless reflected not only his Love for His lovers but also his keen interest in their lives. Baba’s care and touching attention to the smallest details and his marvelous way of working with those who followed him can be seen in great detail in the correspondence section, which comprises the greater part of the Trust’s archival collections.

Many of his close ones also kept diaries of the daily events, some of which have been published in book form. Over time, others will be presented here electronically. The contents of these personal and inspiring records of life with the Avatar range from as mundane as shopping lists to as sublime as spiritual explanations which Baba dispensed according to a timetable of his own making.

Some of Baba’s spiritual explanations were published during his lifetime as printed works and more information on these can be found in the Online Library. Other manuscripts were not published and in fact some have only been recently found amongst the Archive’s holdings. One example of such works is the book Infinite Intelligence. In the manuscript section facsimiles of this original material are available.

Written materials mentioned above are presented as pdfs in the first three links below. Direct access to the Trust’s digital archives, launched in mid-2013 is available at the bottom link. Eventually, all digital content will be available there, but for the interim period, the earlier pdf documents continue to be available along with the new dynamic access.


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