Application Form
International Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas 2023

Important Points to note before filling the form:

Service Project/Workshop-walla: can be an individual or a team of individuals (not more than 3) who are responsible for a workshop during the Sahavas period. They can be over the age limit and should have substantial potential to carry out the workshop. They are required to write a proposal for their workshop at least 1 ½ months before the Sahavas dates with all details and complete the workshop during the Sahavas period. They will arrange their own accommodation and meals. Their selection will be done by the IMbYAS Organizing Team.

  • Sahavas begins 4th June 2023 afternoon up to 10th June 2023 afternoon. It is mandatory for all Sahavas participants to stay at MPR during this period.
  • Workshop-wallas need to be present from 4th June 2023 till conclusion of their workshops.
  • Workshop-wallas can stay at MPR from 2nd June 2023 till 11th June 2023.
  • If you plan to stay at the Meher Pilgrim Retreat (MPR) between
    2nd June 23 – 9 am to 4th June 23 – 3 pm or
    10th June 23 – 4 pm to 12th June 23 – 9 am
    Then send an email to to make reservations for these windows.
  • Workshop-wallas will have to pay regular MPR charges for their extra days (Food and stay outside 4th June 2023 afternoon and 10th June 2023 afternoon). Currently the donation charge (including all meals) is Rs. 610 per person per day, (Rs 300 per day for stay and Rs 110 per meal), payable in cash at MPR.
  • You can stay at Hostel D or make your own arrangements for stay outside Sahavas duration (4th June 2023 afternoon to 10th June 2023 afternoon). For Hostel D stay, send email to
  • No family members, children, parents/guardian, friends or pets will be allowed to visit or stay at MPR with participant during Sahavas.
  • Sahavas registration at MPR starts on 4th June at 10 am and will be up to 3 pm with a Lunch break in between 1 pm to 2 pm. Please complete registration before 3 pm.
  • All Sahavas Participants need to assemble in Meeting Hall for orientation at 4.30 pm on 4th June 2023 after Tea.
  • Sahavas concludes on 10th June 23 with Lunch.


  • Cost is only for stay and food.
  • Rs 60 per day for accommodation at MPR (Only subsidised during Sahavas) and Rs 110 per meal.
  • With duration of Sahavas from 4th June 2023 – 4 pm to 10th June 2023 – 4 pm, which is 6 nights and 7 days, Food charges will be Rs. 1860/- and Stay charges will be Rs 360/-.
    Total charges will be Rs 2220/-.
  • All charges need to be paid at the time of arrival at MPR.
  • Please bring your original Government ID having Photo & D.O.B. for verification during registration on 4th June 2023.

Click on “I Agree” after reading the above points and to proceed further.