The Master merely diverts the current into the right channel. It will be one of my greatest miracles to bring together and blend the realistic West with the idealistic East; and the West at the zenith of its material and intellectual attainment and the East at the height of its spiritual manifestation in the shape of the Avatar will meet without shaming or looking down upon each other.

I have become one with the infinite Source of everything. This is the state of Christ Consciousness. If people call me the Messiah, Saviour, Redeemer, it does not affect me. Terms and names do not matter. What really matters is the state of Christ Consciousness that I eternally enjoy and towards which I shall lead all who come to me. When I speak, my original message will be delivered to the world and it will have to be accepted.


Now it is up to you and your love for Beloved Baba. The Trust is there to help you by providing facilities for Spiritual Training according to Baba’s wishes. Don’t ever think that you are serving an organisation. You are serving Baba. There is no organisation outside of yourself, because you are the organisation, an organisation of people on the Trust Estate who wish to serve their Beloved. Perhaps one of you in the centuries to come may love and serve Meher Baba as St. Francis loved and served Jesus. How pleased our Beloved would be.

Although these guidelines for a Spiritual Training Programme have been written for Beloved Baba’s Trust, any

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group or organisation who wishes to undertake a similar programme may do so. Also, Beloved Baba has made it very clear that any individual who wishes to live the New Life, living under its Labour Phase of dedicated action to God in the midst of worldly duties, is free to do so. Beloved Baba is already in your hearts waiting for you to surrender to Him and to His Wish.

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