Those of you involved in helping to fulfil the various objects, such as the medical, education and pilgrim facilities, should think, “It is the Beloved Who is doing everything, and He is giving us the opportunity to serve Him in the patients, in the students, and in the pilgrims.”

In fact, whatever role one is doing, you should have that understanding and feeling that, “It is the Beloved Who, through us, is doing this work to help Him, in the form of His lovers.”

The Beloved Himself is very, very active, and since you want to follow Him, you should not forget this fact: It is He who works. You are only the media.

He is the only Doer, and if you serve on this basis, you will feel that the Beloved is always actively with you and His activeness will gradually make your false self inactive.

However, if you think that you are the doer, you will fail to follow the direction of the Beloved.

Your duty is to serve Him selflessly, willingly, honestly, sincerely, and with all love, being very careful not to allow your false self to assert itself by thinking that you are the doer. When you live for Him, there is no room for the false self to assert itself. Self-effacement will happen naturally.


Amongst the objects of the Trust Deed, Spiritual Training is the most important, because you, as Spiritual Trainees, will carry out all the other objects of the Trust. Therefore, it will be up to you to keep the atmosphere alive with Baba’s love in all Trust activities.

– page 73-

For you who are on the Board of Trustees, you will have a great responsibility in how you fulfil the object of Spiritual Training. You will have to organise the outward structure of the Spiritual Training Programme so that it assists the Spiritual Trainees’ expressions of love and service for Beloved Baba. But as you administer this object of the Trust, you must remember that the posts of Chairman and Trustee are administrative positions and do not indicate any level of spiritual authority. Whenever the Avatar comes on earth, He does not leave a seat for anyone to occupy. His seat is in every heart. And therefore, how can anyone occupy His seat? The Chairman of the Trust is only the person in charge of daily administrative matters and not a spiritual leader. No Trustee should think that he or she has any spiritual authority.

Though you as Board Members have no spiritual authority, it does not mean that you are not without experience in trying to live a life pleasing to Beloved Baba. You have decades of experience to share. But sharing your experience is not the same thing as imposing your experience upon others and expecting them to accept it.

As vacancies appear on the Board, I suggest that it is advisable to nominate Trustees from those Spiritual Trainees who have been serving on the Trust Estate for over 20 years. Not only is dedication required but also decades of daily experience of serving under Mastery in Servitude on the Trust Estate. A time period of at least 20 years will indicate those who have the ability and willingness to shoulder the responsibility of Trusteeship in a way that would be pleasing to Beloved Baba. Baba nominated those who were always with Him as His Mandali to be Trustees. Likewise, only those Baba lovers who become Spiritual Trainees and live on the Trust Estate, dedicating their lives to become Baba’s Servants, can be considered for Trusteeship.

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