Meher Baba graces Meherabad with over 300 clear, sunny days a year. He also graces Meherabad with volunteers with expertise in solar power. The result? Solar electrical power for Meherabad!

The installation begins at the Manzil-e-Meher
Archive building at Meherabad


Laying out the solar panels on the roof in preparation for installation.


The panels were installed near the peak of the roof to gain maximum solar
exposure. Baba provided cloud cover to aid the work on the bright, white roof.

We have been using passive solar panels for heating water in the Meher Pilgrim Retreat, since the building opened in 2006, but the generation of electricity is a new, much anticipated venture for Meherabad.

A total 9.3kW system with 27 solar panels was installed on the Manzil-e-Meher, Archives Building, this year, together generating enough power to provide for more than 100% of the building’s needs.

27 x 345 watt panels with individual Enphase micro inverters underneath will generate an estimated yearly total of 20,000 kWh. Nineteen panels were installed in February and an additional 8 installed in mid-October.

The high-tech system of data collection allows us to monitor
the amounts of energy produced, consumed and exported.

This high-tech system has data collection and early results have already seen up to 9kWh exported into the Meherabad network on one day. Currently cloudy conditions prevail but greater results are expected as the weather cools and the sky clears.