We hope the spread of Covid19 infections is under control and gradually the restrictions imposed during ‘lock-down’ will be relaxed according to the conditions in each area.

Under the current circumstances, we are not able to set a date for opening pilgrim accommodations at Meherabad. We will continue to monitor the situation carefully, and update you from time to time.

Beloved Baba was always careful during the Sahavas gatherings about infections like cold, flu, etc. spreading.

For example at the start of 1958 Sahavas, Baba addressed the Group: “ I want all of you to take care of your health; otherwise, there will be no sahavas in real sense. There will be coughing, sneezing and disturbance. When taking a bath, take precautions not to get the chill. Dry your body thoroughly before coming out of the bathroom, wear dry clothes and do not expose yourself; otherwise, you will catch the flu and also infect others“.

As yet there is no known vaccine or cure for Covid19. People over 60 years of age are believed to be more susceptible to catch this infection and there is a large number of Baba lovers falling in this group.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Beloved Baba wanted us to ‘do the possible and leave the impossible to Him!’

So please take care of yourself by following the guidelines like: washing the hands thoroughly several times a day, not touching the eyes, nose, and mouth, using mask while going out, observing social distancing, stepping out of the house only if necessary, etc.

Shridhar Kelkar,
Chairman & Board of Trustees,
Avatar Meher Baba P.P.C. Trust.