From the earliest days of Meher Baba’s advent and ministery, His messages and tales of His everyday life are shared throughout India and around the world via the printed word.

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BOOKS: In July 1927 K. J. Dastur was hired to write about Baba. The first book to be written about Meher Baba His Holiness Meher Baba–Mehrashram by K. J. Dastur was published in March of 1928. The one thousand copies which were printed sold out so quickly that several thousand more were printed later in the year. This book was also distributed in England.

PERIODICALS: When Baba had the ashram in Toka for some months in 1928, K. J. Dastur also brought up the idea of a monthly magazine and Baba supported the project. The first issue of Meher Message was released in January 1929.

PAMPHLETS: Goma Ganesh, a teacher at the Hazrat Babajan School, prepared a Marathi language pamphlet, Sat Saammagam (face-to-face with the truth) for Baba’s birthday celebration at Meherabad in 1926, where it was distributed to all the attendees.




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