Mehera’s Tour of Baba’s Room, Part 2
“Come All Unto Me”

As the light streamed through the windows of Baba’s room, illuminating the warm glow of the pink walls, Mehera* stood very still looking at the photo of Beloved Baba framed above His dresser.

“My mother was the first woman to stay with Baba. Other women were following Baba before us, but my mother was the one who wanted to leave everything and stay with Him. Baba told her, ‘When I do decide to stay in Meherabad permanently, I will call you.’ And He kept His promise. I was only sixteen, but I had already seen Baba and I wanted to come too.

“We did all the cooking, sweeping and washing. Baba was talking in those days. It was 1924. One day He told me, ‘You are my orderly. All my things will be in your charge. You must look after them and wash my clothes.’ I was so happy and proud to be doing this for Baba.

“In this photo, Baba is in Mahabaleshwar. When I look at Him, standing with His arms stretched out on either side, I am reminded of the sign of the cross. And, Baba is smiling and telling us, ‘Come all unto Me.'”


“”There is a wonderful story about this picture. Rhoda Dubash** gave it to us. She was living in Karachi at the time. One day as she was looking at this photograph, she thought to herself, ‘Baba gave darshan in a pink coat. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see Him in a pink coat in this picture?’ This idea wouldn’t leave her, so she took the picture to an artist who was well known for her photo painting. She told the woman that this is a photo of the Ancient One, so please paint it for me with great care because the person in this photo is like Zoroaster and Krishna and Ram. But this woman was not interested in Baba, so she heard the words, but what Rhoda said didn’t go to her heart.

“The next day the artist picked up her brush to paint, but the colors wouldn’t adhere to the photo. This was very strange, and so she tried again, thinking that maybe the paint wasn’t fresh, but no color stuck: no pink, no green, nothing.

“Then the words came back to her, ‘He is the Ancient One.’ At that moment, her eyes were opened. She joined her hands together and asked His forgiveness. ‘Please help me paint this photo as it should be painted. It is for your lover. Please save my reputation as an artist.’

“The next day when Rhoda came to pick up her photo, the artist was so happy as she told her, ‘I believe…He is who He says He is.'”

—Davana Brown for Avatar Meher Baba Trust, 23 July 2015

*Mehera was Meher Baba’s principal female disciple. Baba referred to her as the purest soul in the universe who loved Him as He should be loved.

**Rhoda was a long-time disciple of Meher Baba.