Mehera’s Tour of Baba’s Room, Part 1
His Most Beautiful Hair

In the early years after Meher Baba dropped His body, when young Western pilgrims began visiting Meherazad, Mehera would often give a tour of Baba’s room. Sometimes, when there were very few pilgrims and, if you were a woman,* you might even be fortunate enough for Mehera to take you gently by the hand as she guided you through His doorway. Being with Mehera in His room was quite magical; every detail of His room, each photograph and item had its own Baba history. And, in telling these stories, Mehera would often be prompted to tell another and another. Since Meher Baba was Mehera’s absolute focus, in the most natural way—in her comments and facial expressions, in her innocence and light-heartedness, in her sadness at no longer having Baba’s beautiful physical form by her side—you were transported for a few moments into her world, into that rarified atmosphere of pure love for the Godman.

Mehera on the veranda of the Main Bungalow
at Meherazad, ~1976. (Photo by Rick Flinn)

“What I want to tell you is that Baba was most beautiful. He was beautiful in every way; His eyes were most beautiful and He had a beautiful way of talking. Most beautiful was His voice for singing and He loved to sing, but He gave it all up. You cannot imagine how much He has sacrificed for us all those years by not talking. With what difficulty and patience, word by word, He dictated what He wanted to say. But His love has touched you and that is why you have come to Baba,” explained Mehera as she stood in front of the plaque of Baba’s hair.

“I gave Harry Kenmore some of Baba’s hair to preserve and he had this plexiglass plaque made in the States. Baba’s hair was so beautiful when He was young. This hair is from the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s. His hair was brown, but the tips of his curls were golden. When Baba’s hair caught the light it would shine and be so fluffy, it looked like there was a halo around His beautiful hair.” Mehera pointed out the circle in which Baba’s face appeared in July of 1969. “See His face? It is very clear from the front.”


Mehera didn’t tell me the story of how, when the plaque of His hair first came back to Meherazad, she had stood before it, longing for His darshan, missing His physical presence. That story I heard later from the other women mandali.

As Mehera stood there, longing in her heart for another glimpse of her beloved Lord, she had implored, “Baba darling, how I long to see you. I know that you are in everything and everywhere. I know that you must even be in this hair. I won’t move from this spot until I see your face, until you give me your darshan, Baba.” And, because of her pure love, because He is the slave of such love, because Baba says, “There is no power greater than love,” in response, Mehera saw His most beautiful image in the hair.

—Davana Brown for Avatar Meher Baba Trust, 16 July 2015

* It was Baba’s order that men should not touch Mehera.