Mehera, As She Met Us

Until 1989, for many of Baba’s lovers, the walk from the men mandali’s side in Meherazad, around the corner by the New Life Caravan and into Baba and Mehera’s garden meant two things: darshan in Beloved Baba’s bedroom and a chance to be with Mehera on her porch. Perhaps it was the familiar crunch of garden gravel underfoot as one neared Mehera’s porch or the colorful bougainvillea that prepared the heart for what was to come, but by the time one was on Mehera’s porch and she had taken her seat, one’s heart was aware that Baba was seated there too.

Mehera seated on the verandah of the Main Bungalow.
(Photo by Win Coates)

Mehera would always acknowledge everyone present, greeting the women with “Jai Baba” and a light kiss on each cheek and the men with folded hands and “Jai Baba!” Her cloistered life had made her a bit uneasy in crowds, especially mixed ones, but for Baba’s sake she put on a very brave face and made everyone feel quite welcome. After a bit of chit chat, news and laughter, there was a quieting down and the inevitable moment when Mehera’s whole focus shifted to her days with Baba. She became completely lost in her memories of Him, and it was in the reliving of her time with Baba that He came so alive for us.

Mehera. (Photo by Win Coates)

Amazingly, as consumed as Mehera would become as she spoke of her Beloved, if a new Baba lover approached the porch she would drop everything, greet the new arrival, make them feel welcome, and then resume her story, sweetly asking those nearby where she had left off.

Mehera on the verandah reliving moments with Baba.
(Photo by Win Coates)

Mehera’s perfectly delightful descriptions of Baba kept us in rapt attention, and the funny thing is that she herself would wonder aloud, “How could Baba possibly keep the attention of so so many of His lovers at one time just by sitting there?” We would chuckle to ourselves … she was following rather closely in His footsteps.

Among the unique orders that Baba asked Mehera to follow during His Advent were restrictions on how much handwriting she could do. When Mehera wanted to write notes and letters, she would carefully consider what to say but it was actually Goher or Meheru who would do the physical writing. In 1982 the classic and very beautiful volume of Baba’s photographs, Love Personified, was published and it seemed like everyone wanted a copy. A Baba lover who had purchased the book brought it to Meherazad and asked Mehera if she would please inscribe a few words in it. Mehera was happy to. She kept the book for a couple of days so she could thoughtfully compose an inscription. As she was thinking of what to write, Meheru, who was by Mehera’s side to do the writing, suggested, “May you become more and more worthy of Baba’s Love.” Mehera stopped for a moment and said, “No, it should say, ‘May you become more and more worthy to receive Baba’s Love.'”

That we should receive Baba’s Love and love Him in return. That is what Mehera would hope for, for all of us.

—Kacy Cook for Avatar Meher Baba Trust, 10 December 2015