1. The “Tiffin Lectures” sources (TTL/FF p. 120, TTL p. 120, and TLD/FF: 22-10-26, p. 1) give the date as 22nd October 1926, but the 23rd October 1927 entry in “The Combined Diary” opens with the following: “At eleven o’clock in the morning Baba gave a fine silent lecture to the whole of the mandali on ‘mind’ vide Chanji’s note book” (ComD 1: f. 380). The date in “The Combined Diary” has been preferred, since in dating it has been the more reliable source.

2. ComD 1: f. 376. The text has been slightly edited for readability.

3. This handwritten Gujarati interpolation poses something of an editorial crux. TLD/FF: 22-10-26, p. 1 gives the reading: “‘pag pakaḍvā’ tamārū antākaraṇ nā pāḍe”. Literally this means: “‘To catch the feet’—[if] your conscience does not make you fall”; that is to say, if your conscience does not impel you to fall and catch the feet of someone [then don’t do it]. TTL/FF p. 120 reads similarly in a somewhat reduced form: “pag pakaḍnā [sic] antakaraṇ nā pāḍe” (“pakaḍnā” is obviously a misspelling for “pakaḍvā”). The phrase as a whole is not grammatical; it has been written elliptically, as often happens in oral discourse such as this. As the editors understand it, the opening phrase “pag pakaḍvā” (“to catch the feet”) seems to designate the topic that Baba wants to speak about, and the subsequent phrase “tamārū antākaraṇ nā pāḍe” (“—[if] your conscience does not make you fall”) expresses what he wants to say about it. Conceivably Baba may have been referring to something happening in his immediate environment at that moment—such as a person touching his feet.

4. Much of the content of this last paragraph was previously published as saying no. 87 in “Sayings of His Divine Majesty Sadguru Meher Baba,” Meher Message, vol. 2, no. 6 (June 1930), p. 1. For further information, see Appendix 5, Table 10, p. 514.

5. The “Tiffin Lectures” manuscripts (TTL/FF p. 121, TTL p. 121, and TLD/FF: 22-10-26, p. 2) have a parenthetical note here: “(Vide Mr. R’s narration d-21-10-26).” Probably this refers to an account by Rustom on the events of the day before. No such document has come to light to date.