1. ComD 2: f. 13.

2. Much of the content of TTL/FF pp. 124-25 and TTL pp. 124-25, which provide the immediate source of about the first two-thirds of this Tiffin Lecture, was previously published as “Fragments from the Spiritual Speeches of His Divine Majesty Sadguru Meher Baba. (18) On Keeping the Mind Quiet, Steady and Firm,” Meher Message, vol. 2, no. 6 (June 1930), pp. 5-6.

3. Two of the “Tiffin Lectures” source manuscripts (TTL/FF p. 127 and TTL p. 127) give only the elliptical phrase: “Power of these!” TLD/FF: 11-11-26, [p. 1]. 3 lacks even this phrase and ends with “. . . will lead you no further than in ‘darkness.’” The editors have emended in the understanding that “these” refers to Realized Ones and that the phrase intends to accentuate the singularity of their power.