1. The manuscript sources give conflicting evidence on the date of this lecture. TTL/FF p. 123 and TTL p. 123 cite on their title lines the date “10th November 1926.” But TLD/FF: 1-11-26, [p. 1] .1 contradicts this with the headline dating “1st. November 1926.” This latter date is corroborated by the 1st November 1926 entry in “The Combined Diary,” as quoted in the introduction to this lecture, and it has been accepted by the editors accordingly.

2. From the 27th October 1926 entry in ComD 1: ff. 384-85. The prose of this passage has been somewhat revised for greater readability, and translations have been incorporated.

3. ComD 1: f. 387. The text has been slightly edited.

4. The content of TTL/FF p. 123 and TTL p. 123—the source for the main text of this lecture—was published as “Fragments of the Spiritual Speeches of Shree Sadguru Meher Baba. (17) A Spiritual Riddle,” Meher Message, vol. 2, no. 5 (May 1930), p. 8.

5. The “Tiffin Lectures” manuscripts (TTL/FF p. 123, TTL p. 123, and TLD/FF: 1-11-26, [p. 1] .1) read: “If 5 be taken out of 7. . . .” Literally this would designate the operation of subtracting five from seven, which would yield a remainder of two. Clearly this wording is inexact; the editors have emended accordingly.