From 1 July 2022:

– The railing in front of Samadhi marble will continue to remain in place
till further notice.

– Pilgrims are not allowed to sit inside The Samadhi.

– Samadhi cleaning in the mornings will be carried out by designated
resident volunteers. Pilgrims cannot assist helpers in cleaning Baba’s

– Pilgrims can offer the flowers only at the Baba’s Gadi under the tin
shed, not in the Samadhi. 

– For Prasad, only orange candy and wrapped toffees are allowed to
be distributed at The Samadhi (if brought by pilgrims, Cakes, Mithai,
Rava etc. should be distributed at the tin shed only.

– Baba’s room (next to Baba’s Kitchen) will be left open for pilgrims from
5.30 pm to 6.30 pm (under the supervision of volunteers). Touching
any furniture, photo frames, etc., or sitting inside the room is not

– Baba’s Cabin (next to Samadhi) and Kitchen will be open for pilgrims
from morning until evening prayers. Touching any furniture, photo
frames, etc., or sitting inside the room is not allowed.

– Baba’s Gadi will be placed under the tin shed with a railing around it.
Sitting around the Gadi is permitted. Touching the Gadi is not allowed.

– Use of mobile phones around the Samadhi is endemic. The
atmosphere is marred by the casualness of people constantly using
their mobiles around the Samadhi. The Trust has received many
complaints. All must constantly remain mindful where one is – in the
presence of God. The use of mobile phones will not be allowed in the
vicinity of the Samadhi to maintain the sanctity and tranquillity in this
sacred area. The Samadhi attendants will politely request all not to use
their phones and keep Beloved Baba as their sole focus in this area.
Pilgrims would be able to take photos/ videos from outside the
Samadhi between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

– A ‘Silent Zone’ around the Samadhi is most vital to maintain the
quietude and peacefulness of the area. The chatter of the world and
the mind is to be left behind when one visits their Beloved. A placard
would be prepared with Baba’s picture of a finger on His lips, and the
word ‘Silence’ in different languages. The Samadhi Volunteers, in
silence, will go around the Samadhi area holding the placard, aloft and
visibly, if required at regular intervals of 15 minutes or more from 6 to 8
a.m. and p.m.

– Pilgrims and Volunteers to be appropriately attired when they go to the

– All dog lovers are requested not to bring their dogs near the Samadhi.
It is disturbing and frightening to many Baba lovers. Many untoward
incidents and complaints have been lodged time and again by many
Baba lovers. Dog faeces around the Samadhi ground is a blemish on
the sanctified grounds. 

– Sitting and singing in front of the Samadhi portico is permitted, as was
earlier during pre-Covid.

– At 8 p.m., the Samadhi volunteer on duty will ring a bell and request
all pilgrims to leave the Hill. If any pilgrim refuses to leave, the
volunteer should report the name to the Hill Manager for further action.

Chairman and the Board of Trustees