Jai Baba Dear Baba Lovers,

It is very sad that a second wave of Covid 19 pandemic is seriously spreading all over the country, and we really do not have any clue as to when the pandemic will be over and the situation will become normal.

Even though from 1st May 2021, the Government has opened covid vaccination to all persons above the age of 18, looking to the supply situation of the vaccine we do not know when all eligible people will receive the vaccine.

During last year 2020-21, we had to cancel not only the Silence Day gathering on 10th July 2020 but also the Amartithi Educational Gathering on 31st January 2021.

It is highly likely that we may have to cancel the Silence Day gathering this year unless the situation becomes normal.

We, therefore, request all Baba lovers not to make any railway bookings for the Silence Day gathering at Meherabad till they hear from us.

 On 1st October 2020, we had issued a circular saying that there will be no Amartithi gathering on 31st January 2021. Despite this, around 31st January we received several phone calls from Baba lovers saying that since they have the train reservations they should be allowed to come for Amartithi.

For this reason, I repeat our request to Baba lovers not to make railway bookings.

Baba lovers are requested to circulate this message to as many people as possible through ‘WhatsApp’ and other mediums.

In His Love

Shridhar Kelkar


Avatar Meher Baba Trust