1. TTL/FF p. 23  and TTL p. 23 read “are automatic and ‘Material.’” But the diary source (ChD 62: p. 349) gives us “are automatic and Natural”; and TLD/FF: 27-5-26 draft A, p.1 and TLD/FF: 27-5-26 draft B, p. 1 follow suit. The editors cannot easily ascertain whether “natural” was changed to “material” in error (something which often happened in the course of copying and retyping these manuscripts) or intentionally. In fact, both words suit the context: Meher Baba often characterized the sanskaras acquired during the evolution of consciousness as “natural” (by contrast with the “unnatural” or “nonnatural” sanskaras gathered in human form); then again, the gross consciousness of the jīvātmā in evolution would be linked to its accumulation of gross sanskaras linked in turn to the “material” sphere. The editors have thought it best, therefore, to retain both words.