During Baba’s time, When Baba returned from one of his mast trips, he gave Mehera seven mango pits wrapped in a scarf. Baba told her that a mast had given him seven mangoes to eat and these were the pits from those mangoes. He said that the mangoes were exceptionally sweet and delicious.

Mango Tree


Mehera nurtured these seeds and sprouted them. while the main bungalow was under construction, the women were staying at Goher’s father’s house, known as ‘Pop’s’, in Ahmednagar. When Baba brought Mehera and the women mandali to Meherazad to stay, they planted these mango seedlings. Six of the seven mango trees died during the severe drought of 1965. Only this one tree remains, but each year it still gives delicious mango prasad from the Godman.