1. ComD 1: f. 285. The text has been slightly edited here for readability.

2. The “Tiffin Lectures” source texts read obscurely here. TTL/FF p. 62, TTL p. 62, and TLD/DF: 30-6-26 (second session), p. 1 all give us: “And although, in this ‘Yoga-Marga’, one can gradually proceed further, however, the initial final method can be had and learnt from a Guru.” (TLD/FF: 30-6-26 (first session), p. 1 reads almost identically). What could be the meaning of this oxymoronic phrase “initial final method”? The diary source in ChD 57: p. 49 reads: “to paṇ pratham nī rīt gurū pāsthīj maḷī shake chhe”; that is, “then the initial method [of yoga] can be obtained only from the Guru.” These two sources might be brought together through the thought that, within those very yogic traditions that Baba has been speaking about (wherein yogis progress gradually from stage to stage), the wisdom from the past has it that one can pass through the final stages of the path only with the help of a Guru. This idea is consistent with this passage, and the editors have emended accordingly.

3. TTL/FF p. 65 and TTL p. 65 have “red heat” and TLD/FF: 30-6-26 (second session), p. 4 “red lead.” Presumably these are typographic or copying errors; TLD/DF: 30-6-26 (second session), p. 4 provides the most plausible reading, “Red-head,” which appears in a handwritten interlinear addendum.