1) The summer schedule of the opening and closing of MPR and Hostel D has been changed from 2023 as follows:
     a) Hostel D will remain closed for the summer from 15 March to 30 April. Hostel D will reopen for the following pilgrim season
     from 1 May.
     b) MPR will remain closed for the summer from 1 May to 14 June. MPR will open for the following pilgrim season from 15 June.
2) In 2023 only, Hostel D and the MPR would remain open in the first week of May to accommodate pilgrims attending the centenary
     program to celebrate Beloved Baba’s first visit to Meherabad on 4 May 1923.

Due to continuing pandemic concerns, the following criteria are in place for pilgrims wishing to stay in the accommodation facilities:

  • A copy of the Aadhaar Card or any other photo-identity card showing date of birth should be attached to the reservation request.
  • Masks are recommended in both indoor and outdoor common spaces of the buildings.
  • A pilgrim should have NO existing health conditions.
  • No medical facilities or consultations will be provided by the Trust for the pilgrims. However, if a pilgrim falls sick during their stay, if necessary, the Trust will provide transportation to a hospital in Ahmednagar
  • Indian children above two years, and children six years and older from outside India, are allowed to stay at MPR and Hostel D.
  • No walk-in bookings are accepted.
  • Latest check-in time at both the facilities is 6 p.m.